The Rising Incidence Of Road Accidents In The Country

The rising cases of road accidents across the country is a source of concern to all well-meaning Ghanaians.

So many people have lost their lives in road accidents which have become so rampant that hardly a week passes without an accident being reported.

Last week Friday, no fewer than 80 people lost their lives in two separate road accidents which occurred at Ekumfi Dunkwa in the Central Region and on the Techiman-Kintampo road in the Bono Region.

According to statics from the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), within the last 28 years, about 46, 284 Ghanaians, have been killed in road accidents nationwide.

There has been a consistent and steady increase in road accidents since 1991. In 1991, the country recorded 920 fatalities, 28 years later in 2018, we had 2341 fatalities. Ghana loses over 230 million dollars annually due to road accidents.

Report has shown that, poor driving skills, gross indiscipline by drivers and unworthiness of cars on Ghanaian roads have sustained the ugly trend.

Authorities must be aware that most accidents are caused by a combination of the factors listed, and addressing one, while ignoring others, will not solve the problem.

All the commercial buses that operate in the country need to be examined to determine those that ought to be phased out.

There should also be regular training for commercial drivers. There is the need to certify them, apart from the drivers’ licence, which is the primary requirement.

It should no longer be an all comer’s affair where anybody can just be placed behind a steering wheel and start ferrying passengers, especially long distance journey.

There should be annual inspection of their vehicles and revalidation of their certification during which they should undergo rigorous screening.

We also urge the regulatory authorities, including the Police service, to be alive to their responsibilities.

They should always be at various checkpoints to inspect the buses: to ensure that all drivers are in good shape to drive; that the cars are in good shape; that the law prohibiting alcohol intake by the bus drivers is observed.

The regulators should be at the various bus terminals to test the drivers for alcohol, before take-off and at the end of the journey to ensure they did not drink enroute.

These measures, in our opinion, will help in cutting out avoidable road accidents in the country.

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