The Rains Have Expose Our Engineers Again!


Once again, as it happens every year, the rains have exposed our engineers and town planners. Virtually every road in the capital city was flooded, because of the small drains or lack of it on most of our roads.

The sad and disturbing part was the George Walker Bush N1 Highway, which was part of the first compact of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA).

Apart from the Tema Motorway, the N1 highway is one of the flagship roads in this country, and we bet our leaders, will feel proud travelling on it when the receive visiting dignitaries and Heads of state from other countries, especially from Africa.

The Circle Interchange, which is also under construction and is almost eighty percent complete, was a subject and a major contributor to the twin disaster this country experience last year, claiming over 100 of innocent lives, also experience flooding, with cars submerged in water.

City planners and engineers, have foreknowledge of most of the flood prone areas, so it is unforgivable when after construction of these roads, we still experience flooding.

No one builds a house with only the shelter it is going to provide as their preoccupation, security, accessibility and drainage are very important components that could not be overlooked.

We were to factor all that in our planning, yet we are confronted every year, with the age old screaming headlines of Accra has flooded again.

When you pick newspapers dating back to the 70’s and 80’s, you will see stories of Accra being submerged in water, we have allow people to flout every law we have in this country, as far as building is concern.

It is about time, we start cracking the whip, for how long are we going to allow some few unscrupulous people to allow their greed kill all of us.

Today, it could be someone, who could be dead as a result of the flooding, tomorrow it could be you or a relative of yours, we can never know who is next.

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