The Rains Are Here Again, How Prepared Are We?


The rains have started pouring, although experts have predicted that, this year will be a bad year for farmers, as not much rain is expected.

How much rain is too much to rake havoc and destroy lives and properties, we do not know, as the least downpour and we are found wanting.

Last year, was one of the worst years for Ghanaians, as we lost many of our compatriots in a twin disaster, caused by human activities, coupled with the rains that poured on June 3.

Are we prepared this year for the little rains that are expected this year?

Every year, authourities will take a tour of the flood areas and pledge to do something to avert a future occurrence, but like the Ostrich, we will go back and bury our heads in the sand until, nature calls us to act.

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, has launched a very laudable initiative dubbed, National Sanitation Day (NSD), to help mobilize residents to clean their environment, has not been particularly successful, as expected because of the lack of interest on the part of Ghanaians.

In as much as, we expect the government and local authourities to provide us with the amenities, we need to make life comfortable for ourselves; we can also contribute our quota in ensuring that, we keep our communities and environments clean.

No government official will litter the environment, or drop sachet water or rubber in the gutter, we are the same people, who do these things, and we should help in cleaning the drains by joining the Ministry every first Saturday of the month.

We want the best of everything, yet we are not ready to maintain the little that we have. We cannot ask for more, until we appreciate what we already have.

Nature will always take its cause; it is only left for us to also take ours, by doing what is expected of us. All the drains that are to be distilled since last year must be distilled, the ones that are to be built, must be built before the rains finally set in.

Local authorities, must also endeavoro provide places of convenience, as well as enough dustbins, both in our homes, markets and public places, so that we do not litter the gutters.

The people need education that is the only way to reverse the yearly trend. Health authorities must also prepare for any unforeseen eventuality, such as cholera and its associated ailments.

No one can clean our environments for us; it is a collective and shared responsibility.

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