The Problem About Patronizing Made-In-Ghana Goods


By Sophia Yaa Korkor, GIJ

Efforts to promote made-in-Ghana products are often met with opposing arguments, that the quality of most locally manufactured goods does not match the quality of foreign goods.

There have been instances where some indigenous companies and individuals made investments into promoting and improving the quality of their products, but made losses or even failed to make any gains due to low patronage.

The answer to our economic challenges is the systematic and rapid promotion of small and medium enterprises. These entities enjoined, will increase economic growth,as well as,enhance development.

Mr. Charles Kofi Appiah, Chairman of the Textiles Council at the Osu Art Centre, Accra, who has worked at the Accra Art Centre for almost 15 years, explained that the nature of their work is highly unpredictable in terms of the amount of money they make each day. This is because, according to him, sometimes,they could be in the market the whole day without making any sales and at other times, sales are quite good.

Mr. Appiah added: ‘’what I have realized is that foreigners rather patronize more of our local goods than Ghanaians, but I believe if Ghanaians together with foreigners patronize our locally manufactured products it can help build our economy which will bring development to our country’’.

He however advised Ghanaian manufacturers to put in much effort by packaging their products well and insist on producing quality goods.

He further encouraged Ghanaian manufacturers to take advantage of the various social media platforms to create awareness about their products.

Mr. Kofi Appiah charged Ghanaians not to look down on made-in-Ghana products but should rather be proud of Ghanaians who come up with creative ideas to boost our economy.

Ghanaians, time is due for us to change our perception and realize that by patronizing local goods, the sustenance of local enterprises would drive improvement in quality.

Let us not be hindered by issues of price and quality because patronage of local goods will provide jobs to our own benefit and help these indigenous companies to grow and deliver.




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