The Politics Of Debt In Abundance Of Natural Resources


The blame game between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC), has shifted again to national debt.
They should both bury their heads in shame. They have both misused our taxes and revenues from natural resources on salaries and emoluments for appointees since 1992.
Salaries and emoluments for government appointees and Members of Parliament (MPs) takes a chunk of government revenue, with no money left for development, thus leading to aggressive borrowing from both parties when in government, to meet vague campaign promises.

We the people must begin to question our politicians on where they are leading Ghana to with governance being reduced to nothing more except borrowing.
The NDC is borrowing, NPP is borrowing and election in Ghana is becoming a waste of voters time, for there is nothing new to see from government if not borrowing.
All they both do is borrow and get their “cuts” and no one gives a damn about the consequences on the present and future generations.

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