The Policy of double track SHS system and its quality of education assessment

Nelson Mandela always say that ‘’education’’ is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I solely believe in this quote because growing up in this world, the only instrument used to transform society is Education.

Your dictionary .com defines Education as the process claiming knowledge; one fundamental importance Education gives is that, knowledge of the world grows and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life .Through Education and Civilization, the world has reached a stage where by nothing can be done without anything.

In my country Ghana, Education has helped develop different sectors. The Education structure in Ghana starts from Kindergarten, Primary, Junior cycle education, senior cycle education and Tertiary.

Recently the structure of Senior High education was reforms by the Incumbent ruling party ‘The New Patriotic Party (NPP) due to the large number of enrollment at the senior cycle education level. They introduced a new system called the ‘’the double track system’’.

A double track system is an educational intervention to control congestion, where while one batch of a school is on vacation, another is in school learning and vice versa on a rational basis for two batches.

An example of a double track system is what we observe on some University campuses in terms of regular/distance and sandwich students where regular students are in school, the sandwich students are on vacation and vice versa, just that the double track system the two tracks both enjoy the same number of days for learning.

With the understanding the double track system in Ghana their objective is to create room to accommodate the increase in enrollment and it will reduce class spaces and it will increase the contact hours between teachers and students.

As a concerned citizen, I always think about the development of my mother land.  In my opinion, the double track system will affect the quality of education because students will not get ample time study since they have leave for a different batch of students to come.

Although some people make argument on how quality education is achieved. It is argued that , quality education to be achieved it depends on some factors such as  number of contact hours ,teachers motivation ,teacher per student ratio ,class size ,learning and teaching materials , student per facility ratios ,right facilities and, food for students and others .

I believe that the government is only using the double track system as a short term intervention for the absorption of the excess (large increase) who also want to enroll in the various across the country.

In my own opinion, with a collective responsibility we as citizens can promote Education in Ghana.





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