The Police Must Wean Miscreants Yearning To Join The Service


Last week, thousands of Ghanaian youth, lined up early in the mornings in front of Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) branches nationwide to purchase electronic application vouchers to apply to join the Ghana Police Service.

The numbers we are sure might have overwhelmed the Service, as no one anticipated that, the numbers would be so much in just a week, after the announcement.

Often in Ghana, people apply to join some profession or attend school, because of job security, coupled with the pay package.
We are aware of the high moral in the police service, as a result of the introduction of the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP).

The Police Service is a preferred profession for most Ghanaian youth and one can tell by the enthusiasm and the patience to wait in queues for hours waiting for their turn to be served.

What is lost on all of uswas that, how many of those people have the passion, the drive, and the love for the job, either than the remuneration that comes with joining the service.

Most of our people have been victims of maltreatment at the hands of many nurses and doctors in the country.

Some nurses and doctors, have found themselves in the profession, because of the influence and position of their families in society, so although they have swornan oath to protect and preserve human life, their attitude and conduct, rather lead to the loss of lives.

The police administration, must scrutinize the applicants very well, to ensure that, at the end of the exercise those with the fortitude and character, are recruited to wear the enviable uniform.

It is pathetic to see some police officers in uniform, some are drunkards, some look disheveled, others just don’t have the physical appearance, and above all these, some cannot even read and write properly.

The Service going forward, must ensure that, the right people are recruited, image is very important in every institution, so far the image out there about the service is not a positive one.

They have an opportunity to change that, with this recruitment exercise.

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