The Police Must Watch This Shiashi Bus Stop, The Inconvenience Is Too Much


The traffic on the Madina-Accra road is getting worse each passing day. That stretch of road through 37 to Accra or Circle, is one of the best roads, we have in the capital city, so there is absolutely no justification for the go-slow on that road.

The reason for the traffic is not far-fetched; it is caused by the number of bus stops, which are too many to begin with.

Not all of the people living in the communities that connect to the city have cars, so the only option for them to get to work is by public transport.

Creating bus stops on the road was very necessary, but was any serious research done on the location of those bus stops?

There is every indication to suggest that, no scientific research or survey was done, before creating the bus stops.

We have written countless editorials, and will continue to do so, until someone listens, it is not prudent to sight a bus stop, immediately after a traffic light.

What it does is create unnecessary traffic, not because it is bad, but the lawlessness of our trotro and taxi drivers, who have the right of way on our roads more than any other car.

Commercial vehicles compete with private vehicles, as if they are all out looking for passengers.

Ghana Police Service, have stationed their men at some traffic lights on the stretch of road, they are police men at the Okponglo traffic light, as well as the one at the Gulf house.

We commend their ingenuity and effort but we think, the traffic lights were put there to direct who goes and who stops, so their presence there is really not necessary.

The Police can be of help when they are placed at the bus stops to help prevent commercial drivers from taking over half of the road.

The bus stop in front of the Gulf House is what causes the traffic for commuters coming from Madina and East Legon.

The trotros that pick and offload passengers compete with each other and so they occupy half the road.

The Police can restore sanity on that road and help reduce the traffic, if they could just move from the traffic light to the bus stop, where their energies and assistance is needed.

Wasting their time under the traffic light and directing cars, when that is what the traffic lights are meant for is not necessary.

When we do the right things right, their presence will not be needed at the traffic lights, because there will not be traffic on the road in the first place.

Why is it that immediately you pass the bus stop, the road is open and free, it means the bus stop is causing a lot of inconvenience.

It is our hope that, the necessary research would be done to avert any inconvenience the building of the over pass at the place is going to cause.
We cannot wait to wail after the job is done

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