The Only Thing Growing In This Country Is Stealing

Captain Smart’s continuous revelation on Adom FM, about acts of impropriety and corruption at the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies across the country, is a long overdue wake-up call.

Socio-political progress, prosperity and peace can never be possible under such blatant thievery that defies logic.

Every government since 1992, has attempted to rid this country of corruption, people have been punished for it, but unfortunately we have only gone for the big politicians, leaving the public and civil servants to go and enjoy their booty.

If only we can recover stolen money, the quantum will be enough to restore this country to the path of prosperity.

When you hear some figures, you begin to wonder whether the people involved have any conscience. The situation is so widespread; you can’t single out one ministry, department or agency for commendation.

The economy for a very long time never had a positive outlook, inflation has been going up, interest rate going up, the only aspect of our life that has seen exponential positive increase is stealing.

Stealing has become part of our everyday normal life, those who have the presence of mind to complain, will be doing so, because it is not their turn.

We all bide our time, hoping that very soon the opportunity will present itself, so we can also steal.

Government appointees, civil and public servants want to live like businessmen and women, yet the risk the business people take, they don’t.

We all observe one form of worship or another, because we are predominantly Christians and Muslims, every Sunday and Friday, we congregate to pray and ask for forgiveness, and yet we are all rotten to the core.

Posterity will never forgive us, if we continue on this tangent. The conversation on the lips of many young people does not inspire hope, the future of this country looks bleak, if all they say is ‘wait until it is my turn’.

The legal system must be made to work; the thieves have overrun every institution, including the judiciary.



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