The Oddity Of Nana Addo’s Ministerial Appointments

Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without edge, fitter to bruise than polish’’ —Ann Bradstreat.

When President Akufo-Addo, tarried before announcing his final list of ministers, who are mostly deputy ministers of State, many Ghanaians believed that, we have arrived.

But alas, our lord of the manor, has not departed from what used to be the norm, but has rather achieved another first.

I am disappointed at the President, but I am at a loss, when I hear politicians from the opposing side condemning him, as if they will do anything different from what he has done.

We have always come full circle with many of our problems, as if we never learn anything.

Never has the president of Ghana, received so much attention and coverage for all the reasons, than president Akufo-Addo.

As I stated earlier, he has achieved many firsts in his less than 100 days in office. His inaugural speech was plagiarized.

He has surpassed all the presidents; we have had since the first Republic in terms of the number of ministerial appointees.

The budgetary allocation made to the flagstaff house, has shocked many, who thought Nana Addo’s government, was coming to introduce austere measures.

Which serious country, knowing human fallacies, will give the president, who has so much powers, the blank cheque to appoint as many ministers, as he deems fit.

What we have is open to abuse and we have seen that in so many of the things we have done in this country.

Every rule or law, must have a regulation, and perhaps because the president, is too generous, everyone, who has served him in one capacity or another in his 30 years journey to today, must be rewarded.

I am observing a certain trend that is good for our democracy, I am reading and hearing very ardent members of the New Patriotic Party, questioning the rationale for the number of ministers.

The Information Minister, was too haste in going to town, with a weak and infantile explanation, the sweetness of the pudding, they say is in the eating. The president’s decision will be justified at the end of his tenure in 2020. Any attempt at defending this pregnancy, can only lead to one thing, delivery.

Are these job for the boys or just a thank you job, we cannot develop and compete among the comity of nations, when we give too much powers to our presidents to do as they please.

I am not a prophet and I cannot claim to be a soothsayer, but I would not be surprised if president Akufo-Addo, has not reached the end of his appointments. He is succumbing to pressure, and accusation, he had leveled against president, John Evans Atta Mills and president John Dramani Mahama.

As a people, we need to come to a consensus and ask for constitutional review to amend the provision, which has to do with ministerial appointment, we need to advocate for a ceiling. If we cannot mobilize ourselves to do this, then we have no right criticizing what is happening now.

There is too much hypocrisy and dishonesty, I might be complaining because I am not privileged or none of my family member is, so in order to prevent the promotion of personal agenda, we have to come to an understanding.

In this country, we can only mobilize ourselves when it has to do with the National Democratic Congress or the New Patriotic Party. The Marwako experience has shown that, all is not lost.

The Information Minister’s attempt to create the impression that all of a sudden the populace, are dumb and don’t know enough about government/governance is akin to President Mahama’s argument that only former presidents could criticize him. The more he talks about the appointments, the more he exposes himself to ridicule.

He has been appointed to serve Ghanaians, he should do so without disappointing both the appointing authourity and the populace, it is a thin line, but a man of his experience and exposure should be able to walk the fine line.

Ghanaians are paying the price for falling for the change mantra, part of the price we pay for this government of inertia is that now, we are back to the painful days of cedi devaluation, and sadly that has not given the president sleepless nights.

Curiously, most of the appointees are Members of the August House and know the implication of abandoning parliament to pick a post of a minister and parliament is going to be a rubber stamp.

Another provision in the Constitution, needing urgent amendment is the one that ties the president hands, by asking him to appoint majority of his ministers from parliament. Which law in modern times, will discriminate against members of a society.

In the final analysis whatever was the reason for these appointments it does not suggest seriousness on the part of the government at all.

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