The New Face Of NDC For Parliament?


Suhuni, Sam George, Francis Xavier Et Al

As the quest for who will represent the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the next legislator has picked up, following the announcement by the National Executive Committee (NEC), a lot of names have popped up.

Expectedly, those who are seeking to put themselves up are people who will make the contest interesting.

In politics, timing is as important as in everything, when the roll call of the old gladiators or the Mugabes are called, who among them will survive and what impact will their loss in the impending primaries have on the party.

A lot of young men, who probably should still be learning the ropes of politics, have indicated their intention to contest, it is early days yet, as we wait anxiously until August 27, when the party opens nomination.

Whatever exercise anybody engages as far as who and who are contesting who and where, is one that should not be taking intoto, except to say, there is no smoke without fire.

Some Members of Parliament (MPs) have by every stretch of the imagination overstayed their welcome, since 1992 when we ushered in the democratic dispensation, have seen it all, yet they still think they have something new to offer their constituents.

Some names signal a new beginning and a new direction for the party, but the danger is that, if the process is not handled well, it will leave the party divided after November, when the primaries will be held.

The party has opened up the voting process, by allowing all registered members the right to vote, it is a process of deepening democracy and making it more participatory.

I have my reservations about it, I do not think the timing is right, as it needs further consideration, but who am I and again, if not now, when.
It is my hope that, all the Ts have been crossed and the Is dotted, to ensure that, everything will be above board, and that everybody who will contest in the primaries, will appreciate what is being done.

I am optimistic that, the party after the primaries will come out more united and focused for the battle ahead.

Some Constituencies are going to be very interesting to watch, namely the Ningo-Prampram, Madina, Tamale North, etc.

Ningo Prampram

This Seat can be considered as one of the safe Seat for the NDC, since 1992, the Seat has been occupied by no less a person than, Enoch Teye Mensah.

The mention of E.T Mensah resonates across the political horizon; he is a colossus as far as politics in the country is concern. He might have stayed too long in Parliament, but experience is his strong suit.

He has indicated that, he will seek reelection, only this time he won’t have easy. In the 2012 election, he barely escaped defeat, both in the primaries and the general election. Is this the last race, he is about to run; only time will tell.

Ranking similarly in popular appeal to the Youth is Samuel George, he is a young politician, who has cut his teeth and has bided his time well. He has his youthful appeal to his advantage, and I see him causing an upset.

He will not have thrown in a challenge, if he was not sure of the contest he is entering. He is a rising star as far as politics in Ghana is concern. Many political watchers see him as among the new face and new generation of politician to take the NDC to new heights.

E.T Mensah, is certainly in a contest of his life, this primary will be a test of his popularity, which seemed to have waned over the years. If I could advice E.T Mensah, it will be that, better to throw in the towel that stay long in a fight and go home with bruises and disgraced.
Sam George is on his way to making history, and who will not support a rising star.

Tamale North
This Seat has been largely held by the NDC since 1992, it was not until 2012 when Abukari Sumani, the incumbent lost to Alhassan Dahamani, an independent candidate.

Abukari Sumani, has also occupied the Seat for a very long time, allowing complacency to set in. in the primaries leading to the 2012 election, he beat Alhassan Damani, who stood as an Independent candidate and went on to win the main election.

Alhassan Damani, by betraying the party, even though he lost in the primary, probably has himself to blame for taking such a decision. The Constitution bars him from contesting in any primary; he can only do that, when he resigns from Parliament. So that Seat is opened to anybody with a chance of annexing it.

Alhassan Suhini, is a reputable journalist turned politician, who has expressed interest in furthering his political trajectory to the August House.
He is eyeing the Tamale North Seat on the platform of NDC and is being perceived as a strong contender with a huge chance if you consider how he has
navigated his way into political reckoning.

As we say in Ghana, his one leg is already in the August House, he is just waiting for the contest to be over.

When the chips are down, regarding timing and what have you, he will be a good legislator considering how fast he has risen in his chosen career. He is a household name as far as media in the country is concern. Perhaps, he feels he is tired of asking the questions, he also wants to get in and get himself dirty.

It is said that when you want something done you do it yourself. Suhuni also want to show to the rest of the world that, he has the capacity and the capability to do better than those in the House.

He will be a good addition to Parliament and Ghana will benefit from his experience and exposure.
I wish him well as he laces his boots to enter parliament.

Madina Constituency
It was Edmund Burke, who said that, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
For a very long time, Madina has been left unattended to, the Constituency lacked leadership. Finally, the Constituency is about to heave a sigh of relief, with the entry of young lawyer, Francis Xavier Sosu.

He has a lot to do as far as winning the hearts and minds of the people are concern. He is not visible in the Constituency, little is heard of him and that is very worrying, considering he is coming up against Boniface Siddique Abubakar, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate.

But it is still early days yet, as a day is a long time in the life of a politician. His humanitarian and public service precedes him. Even before he responds to contest, Ghanaians can attest to his many good things.

Madina, can once again be hopeful for the King has arrived. The road is long, the battle look insurmountable, but if he stays focus to the course ahead, the same God who saw him through in life and lifted him from nothing to something, will be by his side.

The issue that would be most paramount as the primary elections looms is how the new entrants, would face off with the old guards, who have a lot up their sleeves.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be looking at the dynamics of other Constituencies.

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