The NDC’s Campaign Is Where The President Goes


As pathetic and as sad as it may sound that is the truth, the campaign of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), since 2012, has been carried on the shoulders of one man, who is the President and the leader of the party.

NDC communicators, NDC media, have all at various times complained about the treatment they receive from the government and have threatened to stay aloof, but for one man and that is President John Dramani Mahama.

I am not a soothsayer, neither am I a prophet, but if any member of the NDC, thinks that this election is a foregone conclusion, then the person needs a rethink.

After the demise of the late president, John Evans Atta Mills and upon the assumption of office by president Mahama, every political watcher could tell you that, the energy, mobilization skills, the open door policy brought onboard by President Mahama, was enough pointers that, the election was goping to be won and so it came to pass.

This year’s election is also being left to one man to decide the fate of a whole political party. I must state, however, that the party has adopted a four or five prong campaign, which is being spearheaded by the President, John Dramani Mahama, the vice-president, is also leading another leg, the Chief of Staff uncharacteristically is also leading another leg, the General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, is also handling another team, but apart from the president’s team, the stories from the other legs are nothing good to write home about.

The Vice-President, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur’s campaign tours, competes with obituaries for space in the Daily Graphic, the many times that he made front-page headlines, is for the wrong reasons.

I am sometimes left wondering and disappointed, as to what his media handlers are doing. The Veep, needs to up his game, if he is going to make any meaningful contribution in terms numbers from his home region.

The trick that worked for the NDC in 2012 won’t help the party in 2016. I have always maintained that, you cannot fight today’s war, with yesterday’s strategy. The electorates after every election changes, the needs and demands, also determine the message and personalities needed to win the hearts and minds of the electorates. The show of support, enthusiasm and the spirit that energized the masses in 2012 is missing in this campaign.

The fatigue of being in power is gradually derailing the gains made so far, the NDC, will have to answer to Ghanaians, should they play with the mandate given them and the overwhelming support they get from them, should the New Patriotic Party (NPP), win the December 7, polls.

Some forty something days to a crucial election and all that the party engages in is the launch of campaigns from one Constituency to another. The one on one campaign which has a human touch is missing. We are only interested in mounting stages and inviting one speaker after another to come and address the crowd, after that, everyone leaves for his house and that ends the story, until the president is about visiting the region or Constituency again.

I belong to many Whatsapp groups sympathetic to the NDC, the daily complaints, anger, disillusion, and the threats of abstaining from voting are becoming real by the day.

On these platforms, you have party executives and government appointees, their silence in the face of the complaints are deafening. One might think that, even though they won’t comment, they will take onboard some of the complaints and work on them, but no, they don’t.

Every vote in an election counts, the many young men and women, who vent their frustrations do not need handouts, all they wants is appreciation for the work they have done and continue to do for the party.

A phone call is all one needs, and yet our big men read the comments and ignore, as if their votes are enough to secure us a victory.

Some of the complaints could be exaggerated, but in politics, a good politician is not only interested in the applauds, but in the apparent anger of your members also.

What future has any human organization, where members always complain about neglect, the popular phrase that “as for NDC, it does not recognize its won”, NDC is the party where Baboon works for the Monkey to chop, NDC does not pay its debt etc. these are but some of the phrases people use to
describe the behavior of the party towards its own.

The NDC stands the risk of losing votes from its core members, how much of the floating votes, would make for the lost votes?

I work in the media that is predisposed to the governing party, and I can say without any fear of contradiction that, the NDC media is not getting the support and assistance needed to do an effective work.

Few weeks to an election and the newspapers are running without adverts, the pages are full of words, yet you have ministries, departments and agencies in this country, with the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) appointed by the President.

I live in Madina and I can again say unequivocally that, Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, is leading the party to lose in that Constituency. The Madina seat is one that the party risks losing. Our opponent in the NPP, is busily and vigorously doing House to House, door to door, the campaign team is more visible, accessible and one can relate in that Constituency, whiles our Member of Parliament is nowhere to be seen.

The cliché Madina is for Sorogho and Sorogho is for Madina, is a catch phrase that could have been used to mobilize the people, but it is only in the few posters and billboards scattered across the Constituency.

If we are to win this election with ease, all hands must be on deck, those who think they have made enough and so do not care whether the party losses or not, need a rethink.

The President is working for the next generation of Ghanaians, and not for the impending election, some people are not satisfied with his performance ,because he has taken the hard decisions and made hard choices, a bad leader going into a crucial election, will dare not take.

This is the man who needs the support of every well-meaning Ghanaians, especially his executives and appointees.

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