The Minority Should Show Concern For Atta Mills Presidential Library

Since the birth of the current parliament, the minority members, have proven their critics wrong, especially, when the selection of its leadership, which was marred by mistrust.

Charity, they say begins at home, although the minority, has shown that it can hold its own against the majority, when matters of state come up for debate, we are of the considered opinion that, the Atta Mills Presidential library, which is gradually becoming a white elephant should engage their attention.

As someone, who has been  a teacher all his life, this library represents all that he spent his life doing. He impacted knowledge to a lot of  people, who are themselves leaders today, including some ministers of state.

The library for all intent and purpose, must stand the test of time, for now it is the embodiment of the man, we have come to know and love.

Most minority members in parliament, had their first bite at ministerial appointment, when Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, took the oath of office in 2009. It is therefore incumbent on them to ensure that, his memory does not fade, with the passage of time.

A library, is a very important monument for the current generation and future generation, the sitting of the library at the University of Cape Coast, a higher institution of learning, was so that it will serve its intended purpose.

It is for this singular reason that we are appealing to minority members to either appeal to the government through the Ministry of Education, to release funds to restore electricity that has been disconnected, as well as make sure people are employed and properly remunerated to keep the library open and functioning, or they could also marshal resources among themselves that could go to the maintenance of the library.

the handling of the library is a manifestation of how we view education in this country, if it is that we needed money for beauty contest, we will get people and corporations, who will come out to donate generously.

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