The Minority Deserves Commendation For Cautioning Govt On Free SHS

The much touted free Senior High School (SHS) is finally here and parents, guardians, as well as students, who waited with bated breath and optimism, have heaved a sigh of relief.

As a responsible opposition, the Minority Members of Parliament (MPs) on Monday, held a press conference to draw the attention of the government, on what they perceive were apparent lapses that have heralded the policy.

Many will feel, the minority are being mischievous and are out to sabotage the government and parents, who are anxious about the prospects of the policy.

We are of the considered opinion that, the minority deserves platitudes for helping to put the government on its toes and not running away with the idea that, the policy is a home run.

The Constitution of Ghana, has bestowed a responsibility on the minority, it is in furtherance and exercise of that responsibility that, they wish to caution the government, not to leave any child behind.

The one, who charts the path, does not know that, his back is crooked. This explains why, great leaders in time past we read about, always engaged the services of experienced, fearless, and people of conviction, as well as people with unquestionable characters to tell them the truth, when they falter.

We are all Ghanaians and have a duty to safeguard the sanctity of this country. No country in the world has developed without education; it is the reason why we should discuss education devoid of politics.

The government intends well for Ghanaians, the minority also portends well for Ghanaians. We implore the government, not to disregard the concerns raised by the minority as propaganda and anti-Ghanaians.

The press conference was not done out of malice or mischief, the National Democratic Congress is a government in waiting and so, will in the not distant future inherit this laudable policy, so they owe it a duty to the government and Ghanaians that, when they inherit the policy, they won’t have to roll back the policy to start all over again.



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