*The Men’s Formula Advantage In The Conventional Treatment Of Prostate Problems*

By Dr. Chris Cole, Niamey

It is a *research-based*, *scientific*, and *clinically safe combination* of *14 herbs*, approved by the *Food and Drugs Authority* as *phytomedicine for prostate health* and *an immune booster to improve the quality of life of men with advanced prostate problems*.

*The active ingredients combined together in Men’s Formula have been shown in research and clinical trials to*:

*a) Promote healthy size of the prostate.*

*b) Support normal urinary flow and volume.*

*c) Encourage healthy libido and sexual response.*

*d) Support the natural response to dihydrotestosterone reduction.*

*e) Assist the natural and healthy regulation of 5-alpha reductase, which affects normal prostate size and volume.*

*f) Support overall prostate and urinary health.*

*g) Restore prostate health as close as possible to youthful levels.*

*h) Help promote immune system and cellular health.*

While *it is not a replacement* for any *Conventional Treatment*, *Men’s Formula may be best used for the following*:

*a) Prevent prostate problems before they strike.*

Since *all men have a prostate*, *we are all at risk*. *From my clinical experience*, *prostate health is not something we have to pursue only when the symptoms arise*. *It should be our way of life*.

*b) When integrated into Conventional Treatment, Men’s Formula promotes better clinical outcomes* by *enhancing chemotherapy and radiation effectiveness*, *reducing surgical inflammation*, *promoting recovery*, and *reducing factors that contribute to disease progression*.

*90% Cure Guarantee*. The *10%* is *Your Acceptance and Commitment to Treatment*.

_Helping you get healthy,_

Chris Cole *MD*, *PNS*, *ND*, *DPM*



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