The Menace Of Abandoned Projects

There are a lots of abandoned projects scattered across the country. Some of these projects date as far as 1957, when Ghana gained its independence from the British Colonial rule.

The causes of abandoned projects, have been traced to poor planning and budgeting system, inadequate funding, lack of continuity, non-payment for interim certificates for work done, poor service delivery by the agencies of government, corruption through contract inflation and duplication.

The situation has rather taking a bizarre twist, when we ushered in the fourth republican dispensation. Since 2000, when power change hands from one political party to another, projects are abandoned and executed, depending on which party is I power.

As a country, in the opinion of this newspaper, in order to put an end to this menace that is depriving the people of badly needed development, is for law-making bodies, especially Parliament,  to enact transition laws to prevent succeeding governments from abandoning projects initiated by past administrations.

A sincere implementation of the law, could check the wanton abandonment of projects, simply because they were not initiated by the incumbent administration.

A Citi FM report in August 2018, counted as many as 21 abandoned hospitals, upon the assumption of power of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) scattered across the country.

Last week, this paper carried a sordid story of Ghana @60 Jubilee parks, which were constructed at the cost of GH¢16.8million.

This newspaper cannot have space to list the number of road contracts that, have been cancelled, re-awarded or simply stopped with the excuse of auditing, example is the Cocoa roads.

Has this government, as well as previous governments, calculated the cumulative economic waste since independence?

This country is bleeding through the recklessness of our politicians, the current government’s vindictiveness is also contributing to the horror we are witnessing.

It is sad that, many of the projects started by the previous, have been abandoned or left to the vagaries of the weather, because someone desperately wants to find fault where there is none.


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