The Media Trial of Opuni Must Stop

Some media houses, especially the Daily Guide, have made it their agenda, to pronounce the former Chief Executive Officer of Ghana COCOBOD, Dr, Stephen opuni guilty, before the outcome of the probe of the Economic and Organize Crime Office (EOCO).

EOCO, itself is not a court of competent jurisdiction, so its findings are subject to judicial interpretation.

The interest in the case is to be expected considering that it is the first of such a high profile case in the life of the President Akufo-Addos’s administration.

What is also intriguing is that, the man has become like a plague, some employees at the COCOBOD are being victimized, simply by their association with him.

The acts are dangerous and against the very foundation of democracy, which guarantees freedom of association.

The media houses, must desist from the mock trial, which could be seen as trying to intimidate and influence the work of EOCO.

We are not asking for any special treatment, but an opportunity for a fair hearing without any undue media pressure.

The media, as usual are ahead of themselves, trying so hard to bastadise the man, with publications of wrong doing, without giving him the opportunity to be heard.

The work of EOCO, must be done with the media preempting the outcome, he is afforded every opportunity to answer for his decisions as the CEO of COCOBOD at EOCO, but in the media, it is a one-sided commentary, which does not advance the frontiers of media work.

Emotions are being brought to bear; he is accused of some many things, even members of his political party, the National Democratic Congress, are not left out of the accusations.

It is important, in our opinion, to note that the possibility of Dr. Opuni, being cleared of any wrong doing in the investigation is still very much available. But if he has already been found guilty before the media, what happens to his image and good name?

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