The Least Said About The Madina MCE The Better

The death of a middle-aged woman, who was knocked down by a Kia Truck at Madina Firestone, has once again called attention to the lack of leadership being exhibited by the mangers of the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly ((LANMMA).

According to reports, more than 190 deaths have reportedly occurred on the Madina – Adenta – Aburi Highway, since the road was constructed about a decade ago.

The road which is supposed to allow us to move from one place to another with relative ease and safety have turned around to become the harbinger of pain, tears, sorrow and death due to the abandoned footbridges.

About two months ago, authorities of LANMMA,  moved hawkers and petty traders, who sell on the shoulders of the street at Zongo Junction in Madina to a newly constructed market at a place called Redco, a place which used to house squatters, prostitutes and was believed to be a den for criminals.

As commendable as this move was, both traders and their clients, need to cross the road to get to each other and yet the footbridge that is to ensure that, people cross safely, has been abandoned. The Assembly should have considered the safety of the people in the light of the uncompleted footbridge.

In Ghana, it is a common place that, in building we do not factor the people who will be using the facility in the plans.

The number of people who will use the highway in the long run, will be more than the cars, so why satisfy those using cars, at the expense our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers etc, who are not privilege to own cars.

In Madina, the Member of Parliament (MP), Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, who is not the agent of development, is more concern about the welfare of the people, than the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), who collects taxes by way of tolls and must use it to advance the course of the people, is rather not perturbed about their plight.

Residents of Adenta, whose MCE is proactive, have served notice, they will be staging a demonstration, to register their protest at the wanton deaths on the highway, their counterpart in Madina, whose MCE, has not uttered a word, to assuage their pain are rather not perturbed.

There is now a compelling need more than ever to reawaken the MCE of Madina to her responsibility to her constituents.

She is paid to protect and preserve life and property, her deafening silence on the avoidable deaths on the Madina-Adentan highway, is too loud.


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