The Irrationality In Casley Hayford’s Comment


Sydney Casely-Hayford, is described in the media as a Financial Analyst, this accolade we only hear on Citi FM, where he had been given a platform to perpetuate his twisted views every Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, we do not see what he has done to deserve the title of a Financial Analyst, except to say, he claims to be familiar with numbers, which many people in Ghana can also lay claim to, even Makola women.

For some time now, like many of his ilk, who are hiding behind funny titles and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to advance their political interest, has not seen anything good in the President, John Dramani Mahama and his government.

It is within his Constitutional right to associate with any political persuasion of his choice, but to suggest that Paul Adom Otchere, host of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana, took ‘Soli’ from the President before hosting him on his show last Thursday, was just balderdash.

The man was simply doing his job, Casely Hayford, saw nothing wrong, when Paul hosted Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, days before the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) National Delegate’s Congress.

He made this unfortunate comment on Citi FM’s, “The Big Issue” last Saturday, he is by extension admitting that he is also compromised and that anytime he takes on the government, the opposition pays his bills and has bought his conscience, or perhaps, the veil has just been stripped off his face and we all know him for who he is.

After Paul’s interview with the President last Thursday, a documentary detailing the ten years achievement of IMANI-Ghana was also shown, does it mean that Paul has taken’Soli’ from, Franklin Cudjoe?

Again, Paul wrote an article captioned, “Paul Adom-Otchere Writes to IMANI President – “More Grease To Your Elbows,” which was published in the Daily Graphic, Ghana’s widely circulated newspaper.

Does it mean that money changed hands before Metro TV showed the documentary, or Paul was paid to write the article published in the Daily Graphic extolling the virtues of IMANI?

There’s the urgent need to restore value to the depleted elites. We must set apart the chaff from the true citizens, who are contributing meaningfully and constructively to the development of the country.

All responsible and forward thinking journalists, must rise to the defense of Paul Adom Otchere, this is simply not fair to journalists.

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