The In-Fighting In The NDC; Is It The Case Of The Chickens Coming Home To Roost


In every one of our journeys, we eventually learn that there are times in a person’s life when one instinctively knows when to sit still, keep their mouth shut and remain silent.

Last week, has been a very interesting one following the Won Gbo demonstration organized by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The demonstration carried in its belly and brought forth was the apparent cracks in the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

There was war of words among members who should be speaking from the same hymn book, it was deafening listening to them and it makes one wonder, what is going on here.

More than many, one fully understand the need to periodically ‘check’ some people speaking on behalf of the government and the NDC party, and disrespectfully ask them to ‘take a seat,’ when they behave and speak out of turn.

But when they necessarily and reasonably speak their truth, from a wealth of experience, it is proper to heed their words.

So, when the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho, gave the appropriate and proper advice in relation to the power crisis popularly known as ‘Dumsor’, which necessitated the Won Gbo demonstration, organized by the NPP, it did not warrant the responses coming from some supporters of the government and President.

When I first heard what Mr Anyidoho said, I told myself, he spoke first as a Ghanaian, before as a deputy General Secretary.
The load-shedding, does not know political party colors; it does not distinguish between supporters of the NPP and the NDC.

I support and fully subscribe to what Mr Anyidoho said, because as a political party, he should be concern about how the government performs, because it was birthed by the party.

I was told this morning of a story of a man who lost his job, because of the load-shedding, unfortunately for him, he is married to a Captain in the army, he is now a taxi driver, but not until he lied to his wife about his job. The wife is not aware he drives a taxi, because of her status. He leaves home well dressed to a non-
existing job. This is a story you will hear over and over again.

I am still licking my wounds, because in a matter of three weeks, I have lost my valuables. Thieves had taken advantage of the load-shedding to break into my car and stolen my life. All I have labored for was taking away by miscreants and misfits in the society. Who do I cry or run to nobody. This could not have been possible, if
we had stable power.

The party (NDC), was a vehicle upon which the President campaigned to win the 2012 Presidential election, the manifesto was prepared on behalf and by the party, that was what the President sold to the people.

Koku Anyidoho is concern to the extent that he will be out there in 2016 campaigning and telling Ghanaians what the NDC did and why the President, should be given another four years mandate.

I do not think he spoke out of malice, as others will want us to believe.

It is an insult to any reasonably minded person that cherishes Ghana and the NDC to think that Mr Anyidoho should be hanged to dry.

His advice and admonition should be seen as coming from someone who wants to correct the system, rather than against the system, any dissent in the party, since the Swedru declaration is seen as against the system.

Upon a second thought and reflection, one begins to wonder if it is not the Chickens that have come home to roost.
Come to think of it, what will Anyidoho do or say, if it was President John Evans Atta Mills at the flagstaff House and not John Dramani Mahama?

Not too long ago, Mr Anyidoho, brought out his sharpest knife out against anybody, who dared to criticize the late President, John Evans Atta Mills.

Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah, who thought had the nicest pen and could write English, wrote an article in the Daily Graphic ,in which he made reference to appointees he termed team “B” Ministers, serving in the government of President Mills, when experienced hands, who have worked for President Jerry John Rawlings, were still around
and are willing to serve.

That singular article haunted him, even till this day. Am sure the day, he will attempt to contest for the flagbearership race again, he will be confronted with it again.

A lot of people, including Mr Anyidoho, have still not forgiven him. When he appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament, the issue came up, he spent countless hours defending that article, in the end he was forced to apologise.

His PHD, was questioned, it source and whether it was meritorious or just conferred.

Just as Koku had the right to support President Ata Mills, many other teeming Ghanaians and supporters of the NDC, also has the right to support and defend President Mahama.

I think there is nothing wrong with standing for the rights of any interest.

President Mahama, as the head of state, in the last two years, has been very understanding, generous and lenient with his detractors and opponents, sometimes to the chagrin of members of his party, he deserves so much more than the negative baggage that this Dumsor is stacking on his doorstep., it has even found space in the dictionary, just Google it and see. He needs the support of the party and the current executives, who from every point of view, looks disjointed and divided.

I will conclude by saying, all parties must hold their fire, it does not help anybody, if they continue fighting each other in public, they have become points of reference for the opposition, they can only win the 2016 election united, rather than divided.

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