The Illiteracy Rate Of Drivers On Road Symbols – A Threat To Society.

Road transport remains the dominant mode of transport in Ghana and over the years, authorities have seen to the rapid development in the road system in various communities.

Unfortunately, a total number of road accidents have been recorded on these roads within these communities.

In Accra metropolis, 126 people were killed in 1 ,976 road crashes  from January to May last year, as against 173 deaths, recorded in 2,200 accidents last two years.

The sudden rise in road accidents in Ghana, has recently raised issues on the inadequate knowledge of drivers on road symbols. However, despite theincreased  inroad safety campaigns due to its huge demand, the rate at which accidents keeps occurring on our roads is very alarming

It is an acknowledged fact, that one of the major challenges this country is still battling with is Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs).

Report has indicated the causes as, human errors, high rate of road symbol illiteracy amongst drivers and inadequate road symbols at vantage points.Based on these causes of road fatalities, Ghana spends over 230 million Ghana Cedis every year treating injuries and traffic fatalities.Among all these causes of road accident, road symbol illiteracy on the path of drivers stands out most.From Moto riders ,to commercial bus drivers to some private car drivers and even pedestrians are all included in the causes of the road fatalities.

Over 60% of drivers in Ghana, are road symbols illiterates whiles 10%  of the road symbols literates practically don’t obey the road symbols causing the loss of lives. Over the years, we realized most vehicles involved in road accidents are particularly the commercial buses locally known as “Troski”.Most often at times we see faulty or aged vehicle reluctantly drive on our highways which keeps some citizens wondering whether there are still laws governing the use of our roads. Every time and then, we also hear police officers pick a quarrel with drivers of such vehicles for parking at no parking zones , picking passengers at no pick up point, seeing a road symbol indicating a faulty car yet in the same lane, reckless overtaking and over -speeding among others. Most of these drivers on top of it, do not have driver’s license to prove their legality as drivers on our roads.

In 2018, research shows that 2,341 death were killed in road accidents out of which 795 were pedestrians and a total of 190 people died in the month of January 2019 according to the Transport Minister, Kwaku Ofori Asiamah.

According to the him, these accidents were caused as a result of indiscipline among road users by way of excessive speeding , wrongful overtaking , disrespect for traffic signs among others.

More often than not , the aftermath of these road fatalities leaves the ordinary Ghanaian often pointing  hands at the government, institutions in charge of our roads and drivers hence forgetting a  positive change in our attitude towards these road safety symbols is the way forward.

Student journalist

Abigail Lamptey

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