The Herbal Clinic Brouhaha


Of late, our Television stations are awashed with vast adverts on herbal drugs and facilities – a supposedly natural medium for monitoring our health.

However, the truth about some of their efficacy, is what I find questionable.

Sometimes, I feel these kinds of claims are over exaggerated.

I say this because of  a particular advert that caught my attention while watching a talk show. Out of the numerous herbal clinics, one named ‘Profecy Herbal Clinic’, struck me with shock when they announced that they treat both health and spiritual problems with quality and authentic machinery and herbal drugs. What a wow!

In the advert they displayed images of a ‘white silhouette’ (spirit) on top of a sleeping man; claiming to be a “spiritual wife” – a problem which they can “heal”. They further spoke on being able to deliver people from addictive spirits like drinking, smoking, gay-ism, lesbianism and also marine spirits aka “Maame Water”; all these and other health related issues, they could do with their special herbal drugs and laboratory equipment.

Call it as it may, follow if you will but this to me is preposterous. The hullabaloo of some herbal clinics rising in our societies these days is not something to encourage. The sad part is, you will still find people going in for these kind of solutions due to their own defiance; leading to short-lived solutions if not more problems for them.

I honestly can’t see the line drawn between this and going to a fetish priest. Some of these kind of adverts must be checked by the appropriate authorities before granting the firms the go ahead to publicize them on screens…or What do you think?

Vivian Chizoba Onyeka

Ghana Institute of Journalism

Level 300


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