The Herald Clears Air On NDC’s Alhaji Halidu & Solomon Nkansah


This paper wishes to set the record straight on our Friday, March 1 publication and attempts by some mischievous individual to link the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for the Ablekuma Central constituency, Alhaji Halidu Haruna and the former Director for Communication of the party, Solomon Yaw Nkansah, to the secret recording of the National Chairman, Ofosu Ampofo.

Halidu   Solomon Nkansah

Alhaji Halidu Haruna                                                          Solomon Nkansah

The paper has no evidence to suggest that, the two individual recorded their National Chairman during an NDC Communicators meeting which took place about three weeks ago, at the party’s headquarters at Adabraka in Accra.

Various names have been made available to this paper which we are checking, but these names excludes; Alhaji Halidu Haruna and Solomon Nkansah,, who we were told vouched for a military officer who attended the meeting drawing protest from Ako Gunn, one of the Deputy Communications Officers of the NDC.

Solomon Nkansah and Alhaji Haruna, who were mentioned during The Herald’s investigation, as saying they knew the said military man, have both since denied any involvement in the recording of the NDC National Chairman.

They explained separately to this paper the circumstance leading to them telling Mr Gunn, they knew the said military man.

While, Alhaji Haruna told The Herald that he had known, the Military since the days of late President John Evans Atta Mills as one of the military guards on duty at Osu Castle, Solomon Nkansah, indicated to this paper that the soldier had been a frequent visited to the NDC headquarters and can attest to his unflinching sympathies for the opposition NDC.

For emphasis, no one on this newspaper is out saying Alhaji Halidu and Solomon Nkansah, were behind the recording as we have no iota of evidence to suggest so.

As media house, we decided to know how and who did the recording and for what purpose.

In asking questions as to any unusual situation at the said meeting, we heard about Ako Gunn’s suspicions about this serving soldier and intelligence he had picked about him that he frequents the NPP headquarters.

He is said to be known to lots of the NDC senior members, including former ministers, Members of Parliament (MPs) and even the security detail stationed at the headquarters.

Ako Gunn’s protest elicited responses from Halidu and Solomon Nkansah that they know the solider well and that he was party person. Their intervention we were told disarmed Ako Gunn.

Out of our investigation on who did the recording, many names have come up as those who possibly recorded the meeting but for good reason we won’t give out the names for now.

But it must be put on record that both Halidu and Solomon, have separately spoken to this paper and told us the circumstances under which they vouched for the serving of soldier.

For now our conclusion is that Halidu Haruna and Solomon Nkansah, did not know about who did the recording at the meeting and that the clearance given to him, was innocently done.

It was further revealed that Mr Gunn’s objection about the soldier, happened at the end of the meeting and not during the meeting as earlier reported.

It has also been established that the Director of Communication for the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi, also at the meeting said retorted that had his deputy, consulted him on the presence of the soldier, he wouldn’t have raised the objection.

We further want to stress that the use of Alhaji Halidu and Solomon Nkansah’s pictures was not in any way to suggest they were behind the secret recording of their national chairman but only in connection to the presence of the solider.

Anyone who suggests that Alhaji Halidu and Solomon Nkansah, were behind the secret recording of the NDC National Chairman, will be doing so for his or her self and parochial reasons, as The Herald have not suggested so, because there is no evidence to tie them to the act.


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