The Government Has Extended Its Vindictiveness To GIJ

It is becoming obvious that, the government is not done with its hunger for chasing after people perceived to be members of the erstwhile National Democratic Congress administration.

The itchy and iron hand of the government, has reached the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), where the Rector, Dr. Wilberforce Dzisah, has been asked to proceed on leave.

Following his proceed on leave orders, a four member committee, has been constituted to investigate alleged infractions in procurement practices among other issues.

This is not the first time; the government is using this subterfuge to get someone they feel uncomfortable working with out.

We cannot build a sane society, if all our political parties perfect, when they come into government, is to sack all those people they came to meet.

Dr. Dzisah, has done a lot for GIJ to be given this raw deal. He deserves to bow out gracefully, pushing him out under these strange circumstances, will not encourage others to give off their best in the service of mother Ghana.

GIJ is an institution of higher learning, which should not be subjected to the business as usual mentality. We cannot be changing the Rectors; at will depending what which political party is in power.

If Dr. Dzisah, has done something wrong and must be punished, it must be done in a way that, will give afford him the opportunity to be heard.

He was initially asked in December 2016, to embark on leave, the letter communicating that decision, said that, he was to resume work on February 1, 2018.

After almost two months of investigations and when the man was about to return to work, another letter was written to him, asking him to stay home further.

What informed the initial letter that, asked that he returns in February, if authorities were not convinced of finishing with the investigations.

\We will continue to insist that, only the best is good enough for those, but in the meantime those who have also given their time to making the school what it is today, must also be accorded some respect and recognition. Not everyone must be treated as a political enemy.




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