The Government Fought CNN, It Fought Anas And Now Manazzeh

The government is gradually becoming reactionary and jittery over issues that have far reaching consequences not only for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), but the nation as a whole.

The president in 2017, when he took the oath of office, swore to protect all citizens and be fair to all regardless of their political leaning, but what do we have on our hands now. The president is big on promises, but small in delivery.

He promised again in 2017, when the activities of the militia groups were threatening the security and safety of the ordinary citizen.

The president actually addressed the nation and told us he would ensure that the madness stops.

Except in the opinion of this paper, it rather took an unfortunate bend, because we moved from bad to worse.

The tolerance level of this government has been tested and everytime they have failed. Initially it was like the problem is with the footsoldiers of the party, who have constituted themselves into militia groups, now those at the top of the food chain, are also exhibiting worse symptoms.

Anas Armeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI in accepting the call of the president to end the menace of galamsey did what they are noted for.

Tiger Eye PI, Stook the risk and did an undercover work exposing the enemies of the state in a documentary dubbed, “Galamsey Fraud”.

The reaction from the government is that of dismissive and shamefully telling Anas and his Tiger Eye to make the unedited video available to them. Did the president ask for the unedited video of Number 12, before causing the arrest of Kwesi Nyantekyi?

CNN also incurred the wrath of this government in their documentary christened “Troubled Waters”, where they exposed what we already know, over 50000 children who were sold into child slavery on the Volta Lake.

Manazzeh Azure Awuni, who was the toast of the NPP when he investigated the Ford Expedition gift to President John Dramani Mahama as well as the sensational exposés on Zoomlion, has today been dragged to the National Media Commission (NMC) by people who claim to champion freedom of speech.

The sad aspect of these dismissive and holier than thou attitude of the government, is that, it is not only the NPP that are in bad light but the whole country.

The President must know that, his appointees are not Angels, and that his motive might substantially be different from most of them.

The earlier the government becomes accommodating the better for the country, not everyone is out to bring them down.



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