The Folks At VRA Must Watch Their Actions


For about two weeks now, many communities and towns that hitherto, had to endure twenty four hours of dumsor, were relieve when they had regular supply of power.

A lot of people had started thinking that, the dumosr which has persisted for over three years was finally over.

Little did they know that, the Volta River Authourity (VRA), were just preparing the ground for another excuse to deny them power.

A lot of people in this country have become smart thieves; they always create problems to profit from, by holding the people and the government to ransom.

VRA, at the time most Ghanaians are reeling under the pressure of dumsor. Will organize media men and take them round their facilities, showing them how low the water at the Akosombo Dam, had sunk and how many turbines, had or must be shutdown.

The next thing government does is to quickly organize money and give to them. We are seeing through their everyday mischief and extortion, somebody wants to make money, by letting Ghanaians see the level at which they are operating.

Where was the power we had two weeks ago coming from, is it not part of what we are generating in the country?

Towards the end of last week, there was a news report about how much VRA owes the West Africa Gas Pipeline (WAGP), and failure to pay that money, WAGP, will stop supply of gas to VRA.

Before anybody could make sense of the news, electricity supply to homes, was reversed to the 24-hours off and 12 -hours on.

So, anytime we take a step forward, we must take two steps backwards, we are just at one place making no progress, as far as ending the dumsor was concern.

Government meanwhile is compelled to arrange to support VRA pay the outstanding arrears owed the WAGP.

What evidence, do we need to conclude that there is some level of sabotage in the system, the folks at the VRA, have had their way for far too long?

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