The Educational System; a key contributing factor to unemployment rate in Ghana.


Youth unemployment and joblessness, remains a major socio-economic and political problem in Ghana and many other African countries. Ghana’s growth performance has been quite impressive but this has not translated into the creation of sufficient job for the rapid expansion of the labour force.It is imperative for every government to understand that unemployment is a major contributor in the economy of the country not growing as fast as it should.

Typically, one common cause of unemployment is our educational system. TheGhanaian educational curriculum focuses mainly on theory lessons rather than imparting relevant practical and professional skills needed in the job market. The issue of graduate unemployment has become very high that there are no enough jobs in the system to absorb them all. This is as a result ofthe form of educational practice in Ghana which does not equip graduate the necessary traits that enhance performance on the job.

The system produces empty students who come out as empty graduates to an empty economy. The educational system has been programmed in such a manner that it makes graduates become dependent on the system. The system has failed to adding, polishing, developingand opening up the minds of students and their talents to become creative thinkers, innovators, as well as good decision and policy makers just like their fellow students elsewhere in the western countries.

Students are compelled to do away with their unique ways of thinking which they have been blessed with and hence they are forced to adopt ideas, concepts and philosophies of other peoplewhich are very difficult for most students to accept or understand. In this case the students are seen to be unintelligent due to the lack of proper understanding of these theories.  They become more perplex because the way theyreason, observe andinterpret things is different from the way they are being force to.

The educational system is full of theories without any proper practical to link the knowledge or what is being thought to what is there in the real life. For instancethe student is exposed to the parts of a machine, how it functions and even how to service and maintain it theoretically but not how to manufacture or assemble it practically as their fellow students are being thought in the outside world. We only learn to pass examination but not how to apply it.

Therefore, graduate has nothing to bring on board, no unique skills, creativity, or entrepreneur skills that will assist them to become self-employed. They become a burden to the society when the government is unable to provide job opportunities for them. This is because the system refuses to let students think creatively and innovatively to become self-sufficient

To eradicate this graduate unemployment, there should be a restructuring of the educational system which will enable graduates to be independent or entrepreneurs. There should be enough technical schools right from the beginning where students will be trained to acquire knowledge and the needed skills to apply them in real life. Through this, students will graduate with innovative ideas, exceptional skills and creative mindset to establish their own career opportunities to aid the government to improve and develop the nation.





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