The Economy Is What Ghanaians Say It Is; Not Any Foreign Entity

Since the country became a member of the Breton Wood Institutions, they have at one point or another given conflicting appraisals of the health of our economy.

The economic fundamentals are always good in the life of every government, when that government exit power and a new one is formed, they give scathing report about the performance of the previous one.

Whether the country attains single digit inflation, reduce its debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio, have declining interest rate, increase growth rate, etc, the value of economic hardship is still the same.

Last week, credit rating agency, Standard and Poor (S$P) Global Ratings, gave Ghana a B rating from a B-, indicating a positive economic outlook.

The rating comes at a time, prices of petroleum product are increasing at an alarming rate, expectant mothers are either dying or losing their babies, because the roads are not motorable or because of broken down bridges.

Businesses are closing down, because of harsh economic realities; the cedi is depreciating against the dollar, leading to increase in prices of goods and services.

Feeding grant to the three northern regions Senior High Schools (SHS), have not been paid for two terms, a situation that is affecting the local economy in that part of the country.

The financial sector, which over the years, has been the driving force of the economy is crumbling, with thousands of workers losing their job, Savings and Loans, as well as Micro-Finance companies, are also folding up.

All these coupled with the incidence of corruption, which has also become a daily affair, and we are told by a rating company that, our economy is stable.

In the considered opinion of this newspaper, Ghanaians are the best judges of the economy and the verdict is that, this is the worst government, we have had since 1992.

Generally, Ghanaians are never content with what they have, they always romanticize the past, curse the present and fantasize the future, but the rate at which things are escalating, is unprecedented.

2018, is a year Ghanaians, will never forget, it will bring back bad memories of what they had to endure under this super incompetent government.





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