The Day Stanbic Left Its Customers In The Cold

Technology is like fire, it can be a good master and a bad one as well. It is difficult to predict the day technology will fail you, that is why, in most instances they is a backup plan.

A customer has no time for excuses, when he or she walks into a bank, shop, restaurant, etc, they expect to be served, regardless of the problems the company or institution is battling with.

Yesterday, December 4, customers of Stanbic Bank, had to go through very bad experience, as banking for hours came to a halt, due to difficulty with the system.

Some customers had to be shuttling from one branch to another, in the hope that, they could be lucky. For hours on end, those who needed to transact business, had to endure the pain of waiting. This is not the first time, a situation like this has arisen. In this era of competition, one would have thought that, the bank will put in place measures to prevent such an occurrence.

Already, the waiting or turnaround time is not encouraging, coupled with the fluctuation with the system, what customers had to go through, can only be imagined.

The volatility of the system, has presented an opportunity for the bank, to find an innovative way of mitigating the pain of customers.

We applaud the Accra Mall branch, especially the Universal Banker, whose timely apology and intermittent assurances, helped to calm tempers.

She was proactive and asked that, those who were coming to deposit cash or cheque, be attended to by first verifying their accounts, while those of who were there to withdraw wait for the system to come up.

The pervasive feeling of many bank customers in Ghana is that banks, have been declaring fat profits year in year out, yet the quality of their services as far as the banking public is concerned leaves much to be desired.

In this 21st century, banks need to recognize the limitation of technology and must strive to find lasting solutions that will serve customers better.

Bank customers, have consistently complained about what the time they spend in the banking halls.

We recognise the fact that banks are in business to create wealth for all the stakeholders of which the customers are key. We also want the banks to accept that without their customers, the motive for their being in business will be defeated. To that extent, therefore, the aphorism that the customer is king must be given relevance beyond mere words.

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