The Daily Guide Must Get Off The Back Of Oye Lithur


The media, thrives not only on propaganda, it exist, not only to tarnish the hard earned reputation of individuals, especially politicians, but to inform, educate and help shape the society.

The Daily Guide, over the years,has proven that, the newspaper would only remain relevant by foraging for bad news and engaging in personality attacks, albeit lies, character assassinations etc.

The paper made it name, when it launched blistering and incessant attacks on the person of the former President, Jerry John Rawlings, to the extent that the paper was once nicknamed, the Daily Rawlings.

Many would have thought that, after years of going off on that tangent, the paper might have come to the realization that, times have changed and with it new trends of news reporting, unfortunately the Daily Guide, seems to be looking in the rear view mirror.

The paper in its Monday February 3, 2015 edition was a banner story captioned “Oye Lithur’s Big Bash, Dances Shatta Wale ‘kakai’”.

The paper cast aspersions and innuendos about the celebration, the paper tried to tie in what she was doing prior to her appointment, the crusade, which she had not abandoned during the era of Ex-President, John Agyekum, and a report the same newspaper carried a fortnight ago, when the bodyguard of the Minister was pictured holding her shoes, whiles she danced.

Anybody who attains the age of 50, has every right and reason to celebrate, and the minister is no exception.

Call the party whatever you may, if after all these years of working as a lawyer, a philanthropist, a social worker, and she cannot organize a lavish party to thank God for giving her two scores and ten, then we dare say, she has failed in life.

Not everything is politics, not every politician, steals or lives on public money. The woman has worked her life to deserve the finest things in life. She has been a Minister for a little over three years, and that is a long time for her to have stolen money for a lavish party?

We all have plans, perhaps her plans growing up was to celebrate her 50th birthday as she did and she worked towards it. If we didn’t know better, we will say the reportage smacks of jealousy and finding fault where there is none.

The Daily Guide cannot better than this. The newspaper can have a better use for their front-page than to dedicate it to run down a woman, whose work has won the admiration and commendation of many.

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