The Cries Of The Pedestrians Who Uses The Road Of GIJ To The Ghana Police Head Quarters

The road leading from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) to the Ghana Police Headquarters, has been described by pedestrians most especially students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, as a death trap.

This is because the road is covered by immense darkness. The road is seen to be very dangerous, especially in the night.

Due to the fact that the road is patronized by both ministers, members of parliament and some high commissioners in the country, people around thought this problem would be fixed but has since remained the same.

The darkness on the road has left students of GIJ who go for late classes and close late in the evenings very scared. The darkness has seen to the rise of crime on that particular road. Some people have lost their valuable properties there to thieves who threatened to take their life if the demanded item is not given.

According to a student of GIJ, Nana Owusu Asante popularly known as Nana Khay, he said, “I was walking home after my sports journalism class when I met two guys on the road. One quickly showed me a bread knife and asked me to give him my phone. He said I had to comply and if I made any sought of noise, he will stab me. I was scared so I did what they asked me to do and they left with my phone and my wallet”.

He went on by saying “The darkness here have been a problem since I started schooling at GIJ and I’m now in my third year but yet, we have seen no changes. It is very much suprising that this road leads to the British High Commission”.

The aggrieved student attested that they have made lots of complains but nothing have been done. Are we waiting for someone to lose his/her life on this said road before we show concern?. This question falls to us all.

Alexander Larbi

Ghana Institute of Journalism

Level 300

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