The Contractor Working On Madina Melcom Road Must Exhibit Professionalism

What should have ordinarily been hailed as bringing relief and ending the pain of the people of Madina, especially those living along the Akosombo Junction-Melcom to the Madina market road, has turned out to be their worst nightmare.

It was all joy when the contractor came to site and started work in earnest, because the residents have complained about the bad nature of that road, which has been neglected over the years.

The numerous potholes that dot on the road makes driving very unpleasant.

However, the way the contractor is working leaves much to be desired.

The contractor has blocked every access route on the road, by heaping sand on them.

Secondly, he has blocked the main road itself with boulders from the old gutter to enable them construct the new one.

The residents craved for this road and in fact hailed the Member of Parliament (MP) Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, through whose instrumentality the road is being constructed, but it is looking like they are getting more than they bargained for.

What is worrying in the midst of the inconveniences is that, the contractor has abandon site for more than two weeks now.  Initially, residents thought, it was a small price to pay to have a world class road and that the situation was only going to be short-lived and then they learn that, the contractor has traveled.

This undesirable situation is making life unbearable, students who have to move from one end to the other, are not finding it easy at all.

Why must people be punished anytime construction is going on in the country, it is like a way of reminding the people that, we are working.

This newspaper has been inundated with calls by residents, who are livid with the snail pace of work, coupled with the decision of the contractor to pour heap sand on the road, blocking access to peoples home.

The contractor should have known that, that very stretch is a very important road in Madina and it serves so many people.


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