The Contagion Busy Body Called Abu Ramadan


By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed, and you can beat a fool half to death but you can’t beat the foolishness out of him. African Proverb.

Ghana’s democracy is growing; but painfully and slowly. Since 1992 we have organized eight national elections, no matter how flawed those elections were, we did not take up arms against ourselves; at least on a national scale.

Democracy is a process, not an end, in as much as they would be pockets of irregularities; we can pat ourselves on the back for having done so well.

Fortunately or unfortunately as pertains in most western democracies, Ghana is gradually, that is if we are not there yet, establishing a two party State. Since we ushered in the 1992 Constitution, tow political parties have had the benefit of been in office.

Surprisingly both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), all having won elections, have all being sour losers. Anytime one wins, the other rigged the polls and vice-versa.

The elections too all this while is organized and supervised by the same Institution-the Electoral Commission, headed by the same man-Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan.

There are only two outcomes in every contest and elections are no exception, you either win or lose. If we are going to ballyhoo ourselves as being the best democracy in Africa, our politicians must learn to accept when they lose. After all no political party would stay in power

The Peoples National Convention, since 1992 have taken part in all the elections, and sadly they have never had more than one per cent (1%) of the valid votes cast, yet they sometimes shout the loudest in this country.

The last time I checked the PNC has not filed any suit at the Supreme Court challenging the conduct and declaration of the 2012 Presidential election, as did members of the NPP, so why is their supposed Youth Organiser, Abu Ramadan running around fighting for the cause of the petitioners? All I can say is that he is playing the family card, because his sister is married to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the running mate of the NPP for election 2012.

The Youngman who is yet to complete his first degree at the Islamic University has nothing meaningful doing, whiles his colleagues or men his age are out there irking a living for themselves and their families, he has found work at the Supreme Court. He has turned the place his workplace, he is there at every sitting.

Politics and political discourse in this country has become so cheap that people like Abu Ramadan could also have the nerve to question the wisdom of Supreme Court Justices.

I will like to satisfy my naivety, Is Abu Ramadan now into practise or he is one of ordinary radio lawyers and commentators? If so he should just keep quiet. Who the hell is he to question the decision of the Supreme Court?

In any case, what was the motivation for him to go seeking a review of an earlier ruling given by a seven member Justices of the Supreme Court, which also upheld the relief sought by Bernard Mornad by another overwhelming Seven to none?

Nine Supreme Court Justices, sit on a case and passed a verdict of nine to nothing, there was not a single dissent, and Mr. Ramadan says that the circumstances leading to the decision of the court is “strange and I find it interesting that it happened the way it happened.”

What circumstance, all they ruled was that you had no capacity to file a review, because you were not a party to the original case.

We must do politics, but that should not deprive us of exhibiting some common sense.
The rule of law is what the judges say it is, and Mr. Ramadan is supposed to know that the law is in the bosom of the judges.

The person, who surprised me most is his Counsel, Atta Akyea, who should know better when he appeared before the Justices. Not every case demands serious consideration. As an astute lawyer, he was expected to advice his client against taking such an action. But no, Atta Akyea is also after glory.

How could a lawyer describe the ruling as ‘unfortunate’ and a ‘miscarriage of justice’. Must you win every case you take to Court
This was the same man who led Ken Kurankye, Editor of Searchlight newspaper astray, when he led him to the slaughter house, by claiming to represent him, when he was invited by the Supreme Court for contempt.

You can educate a fool, but you cannot make him think, a whole lot of us Ghanaians have refused to sit on the ground and listen, we are all talking at the same time, are we really engaging in any critical-problem solving manner, we just do not want to think.

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