The Construction On The N1 Highway Is Taking Too Long

Is it deliberate or we are far behind in technology that a small hole which is to be patched on the N1 George Walker Bush Highway, is taking almost two months.

The media about two months ago, reported of a hole that had appeared on the N1, precisely on the Old Achimota Overhead.

A contractor was quickly detailed to work on the road and so a portion of the road, has been closed to traffic, reducing the double lane on both sides to a single lane.

In our considered opinion, we do not believe the extent of damage, should take longer than it has taken and it doesn’t look like the road, will be open soon.

We are part of the global village, we should not behave as if we have to reinvent the wheel in everything that we do, technology has advanced to the extent that a concrete can be dried within minutes and we do not need sunshine to dry it, such a technology is very crucial at this period, because we are in the rainy season.

Every construction, small or big, becomes an avenue to punish people, what sort of construction is going on that should take more than a month to patch a small hole that, youth in road maintenance can do in a day.

The contractor must spend a day to monitor the traffic his delay is causing from morning to evening and he will appreciate the pain motorists go through.

It is true that, it was too early to start having cracks on a road that is less than ten years, considering the amount of money that was spent to construct it, but to do it well, does not mean it should take forever.

Spending more than an hour in traffic on a journey that should take less than five minutes is not pleasant. Anytime we discuss these issues, we fail to recognize the cost implication to both motorists and the government.

How much we lose as a country, as well as to the motorists, whose cars often get scratched, because they all squeeze to use a small space, is often lost on all of us.

The contractor must expedite work on the road, the inconvenience is becoming unbearable.



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