THE CHURCH; Losing it Purpose……….

THE church is been in existence from gold coast era for the purpose of spreading the good news about the lord Jesus Christ saving the lost souls starting from the 15th centuryin Ghana.

With the Methodist church as the mother church established by the people of Anglican background and Roman Catholic. The church has loose the focus from spreading the gospel of God, saving the lost, and helping the needy to the purpose of collecting rather from the needy by telling them about problems about their lives. Pastors who involve in this miracles are from the churches headed by single people, popularly known as” one man church’’ the stand in the name of God and ask members of the church to do outrageous deeds also popularly called ‘’akwankyere’’ in the name of God and for the reason that their problems would be solved.

These pastors are not bounded by law and constitution does not restrict them from performing miracles, not to open any church and to go to specific school of the certified the country and for the reason that every individual in the Ghana has the freedom to association and freedom of speech unless he breeches the law with his or her speech, they are free to do whatever or say whatever they want to their members.

The church is now having the pastors performing questionable miracles, turning the church place into a business Centre exhibiting extravagant life styles, lavish cars and good living yet those members who are attracted by their messages and seek their for solution from them are sweeting without result.

However they telecast these miracles on our televisions and radios each and every day without any restriction from the national media commission. Selling of fruit, handkerchief, members chewing grasses, wiping the shoes of the pastors, taking lotto numbers from them taking huge sums of money if one want to see these men of God to talk to or help them solve their problems also known as ‘’consultation fee’’.

If the church is doing all these in the name of the creator then can we say Ghanaians are safe because these church directions given to the members sometimes end up with more difficult problems instead of solutions and at times result in the death of the person. The national security do not get responsible for all that happens because they have no right to touch or criticized the man of god for the word of God said ;’ Touch not my anointed or do any harm to them.’

Then do Ghanaians say they are safe with the men of god and the activities included in the church services offered to the peoples. The unlike the Muslim community has into various denominations with varied rules and regulations guiding each of them making it difficult confronting them or committing to the members whiles correcting the wrong ones out, making the church a better place for worship and comfort.

By Hannah Myles


Level 300


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