The Biggest Political Casualties Of The 2016 General Elections


The December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections have come and gone, bringing to an end, over two years of rigorous campaigning, scheming, name-calling, back-biting, etc.

Winners have emerged and the also-rans are counting their financial and political loses. Some losers, however, were obviously worse affected than others.

Below is a compilation of the biggest casualties of the December 7, political hurricane.

Amissah Arthur: Even his status as the incumbent Vice President of the republic, could not ward off a heavy loss for his party in his home region.
Though no-one really expected him to “deliver” the Central region, to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the low-key and ever-smiling Vice President, should have brought much more to the table in the December 7, elections than he ended up doing.

Amadu Sorogho: Not even the combined might of a three-time legislator, could stop the New Patriotic Party and it candidate Alhaji Boniface Abubakar from snatching a hard-fought victory in the Madina Constituency.

The signs of Sorogho’s loss were written over all of Madina, some of us who took the courage to draw his attention about the growing despondency in the Constituency, were met with a scorn, so the NDC’s loss didn’t come as a surprise to many this time around.

The margin of loss, signals a worrying future, as the NDC, had never beaten the NPP by such a margin. The party, needs to work hard and win back most of its members, who sought solace in Boniface.

Hannah Serwah Tetteh; the Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya’s woeful performance in last Wednesday’s parliamentary election, has called into question her supposed status as a force to be reckoned with in the Ghanaian political equation. She was a Minister of Foreign Affairs, who had a lot of responsibility; perhaps she could not combine the work of being a legislator and a minister.

Hannah Bisiw: another rising discovery in the party, she won the 2012 election to represent the people of Tano South, sadly she has abdicated the seat just one term. Her appointment as the deputy minister of Agriculture could not help her course. Coming from a farming Constituency, one wonders, how she could not use her position to advance the course of her constituents.

Baba Jamal; a very sad end for the young man who over the period fought very hard to represent the people of Akwatia. His victory in 2012, was a welcome news to a lot of people, who have followed his political exploits over the years. Unfortunately he took his victory for granted, he went to sleep and the people, have punished him for it. I doubt if he is able to reclaim that seat anytime soon.

Nii Amasah Namoale; Member of Parliament for Dade Kotopon, made his mark on radio than in his Constituency, he was heard more on radio than on the floor of the August House. He lost touch with his people, after escaping defeat at the primary of the National Democratic Congress. The near loss of the primary, should have putting him on the edge, but no, he went to sleep thinking claiming ‘fans’ on radio, could do the trick.
Volta Region; These are not the best of times for the NDC nationwide, more so in the Volta Region. The party’s poor showing at the polls, is made much worse by the fact that the Volta region, which is the de facto nerve center of the party, it is even referred to as the world bank of the NDC.

Depending on how the New Patriotic Party, goes about governing the country, the once-dominant National Democratic Congress may be reduced to oblivion in the region.

The NDC’s sudden loss of prominence, in key regions, like the Central, Western, Brong Ahafo, and the Greater Accra, will definitely instigate a flurry of realignments and defections into the new governing party.

The losses will be suffocating no doubt, but the NDC’s continued survival and robustness in those four swing regions, and especially how the party manages to win back the love in the Volta region, is crucial for our democracy, else Ghana, runs the risk of becoming a one-party state where no-one dares question or check the excesses of the governing party, which has absolute majority in the August House.

Four years is not eternity; 2020 is not as far as it seems. There’s enough time between now and then for the National Democratic Congress to rediscover itself and mount a greater challenge.
Kofi Portuphy ( Party Chairman): This has been the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) worst performance since Ghana returned to Constitutional democracy in 1992.

Every organization has a leader, whose responsibilities are to manage its affairs and accept culpability for the outcomes of his managerial decisions and tactics, especially when they are negative.

In this instance, Kofi Portuphy, must shoulder the blames for his party’s disastrous outing in the just-concluded polls, though it was not entirely of his own making.

Under his watch, the NDC lost several Constituencies, where it was once dominant, including Madina, Adenta, Teshie, La Dade Kotopon, Five Constituencies in the Upper West Region, and it put up a limp performance in Opposition-controlled Constituencies, where it was expected to do much better.

Considering the amount of resources that was poured into the 2016 general elections by the NDC, the end product, has been nothing short of disastrous.

John Dramani Mahama; He is, without a doubt, the biggest loser here, yet the manner in which he quickly conceded defeat and saved the country another round of senseless bloodshed, has made him victorious in defeat.

His political miscalculations, faux pas, misguided appointments and alleged leniency towards corruption, all conspired to make him the first incumbent Ghanaian Head of State to lose a presidential election.

That notwithstanding, His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama, deserves our dispassionate commendation for overseeing one of the most peaceful and successful elections in Ghana’s history, even in the face of intense pressure to appease his followers, by not conceding at the time he did.

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