The Ashanti regional Police Commander Should Not Be At Post

Public angst raised by the shooting and killing of seven innocent Ghanaians on Tuesday July 17, by a team of personnel from the Ashanti Regional Police SWAT Unit at Manso Nkwanta on the Kumasi-Obuasi road, has still not been satisfactorily resolved..

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP), Akwasi Mensah Duku, the Regional Police Commander at a press conference, The gun-wielding robbers, were believed to belong to a gang who killed the late Lance Corporal Daniel Tieku of the SWAT Unit on June 11, 2018, in one of their operations, were said to have attempted to open fire on the police as they approached them.

The Regional Commander at that press conference, displayed two pump action guns and an AK 47 assault rifle, as well as a helmet, and other offensive weapons said to have been used by the gang.

The youth of Asawase, became agitated and took to the street to protest the killing of their colleagues, who they insist, were not armed robbers.

Following the public uproar, government set up an independent committee to probe the incident. After a painstaking fact finding the committee concluded that, the seven were not armed robbers.

Government has, therefore, decided to interdict the 21 police personnel who were involved in the incident and is to subject them to formal police criminal investigations.

This matter yet again brings to the fore the growing rate of relentless orgy of killings by the Police that have been inflicted on innocent Ghanaians.

Landguards are running riot, terrorizing innocent and law abiding citizens and the police seems helpless and yet they are always trigger happy, when it comes to the innocent.

We hold that the failure to have asked the regional police commander to step aside or be transferred in the face of the conclusion of the independent committee set up by the government, goes against every grain of seeking justice and most importantly the truth.

The man failed to uphold the tenets of his profession, where evidence is key, before coming out to declare the seven slain men guilty.

This case was just one of the pathetic cases of various heinous crimes committed against the innocent in flagrant disregard for their rights as enshrined in the Constitution. Even criminals must have their day in court.

As a newspaper, we are of the opinion, along with most well-meaning Ghanaians, that the country’s present security architecture cannot safeguard their lives and property.

The Inspector General of Plice (IGP), David Asante Apeatu, who has done more transfers in his two stint as the Police Constable, cannot have any reason for keeping DCOP Akwasi Mensah Duku at post.

We do not also lose sight of the fact that, perpetrators of crimes must be identified and punished according to the laws of the land. Failure to bring culprits to justice can only lead to impunity and more bloodshed.

The police deserve and trust and support, but the citizens cannot do that, if they do not have confidence in the service.

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