The Abandoned Pantang And Other Roads

The deplorable state of Pantang road and the inconvenience it causes to road users can only be imagined.

In 2017, shortly after coming into office of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), a contractor was sent to site to begin with the construction of gutters. Residents, staff, as well as students of the Pantang hospital, heaved a sigh of relief, because at long last, their wish is being fulfilled.

The drains were constructed alright, but shortly after the contractor abandoned site and the road has gone from bad to worse.

Adding to the deterioration is damage caused by flooding during the annual rainy season as well as other climatic conditions.

The Pantang road, tells the story of what is the situation on most of our roads across the country. For most of the Pantang residents, as bad as the road is, they have come to be seen, in the circumstance as the only option they have.

Last year, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, gave the assurance that, the contractor will move to site to finish what he has already started.

But this is the usual promises that the residents, have heard over and over again.

In a country where nothing seems to work, it cannot be said that, pregnant women have to lose their lives or that of their babies on their way to deliver. It is like saying, when they are in labour, we transport them to their death.

We are of the opinion that, after fifty years of Independence, we have not done much to add to what our founding fathers left us.

The hospital at Pantang serve people as far as Oyarifa, it is the major hospital within a reasonable distance at that part of the city.

The road is only a 1.6 kilometer road, the gutters have been constructed, which is the major work on the road.

We are appealing to the roads and highway minister, Amoako Atta, who announced on Tuesday at the “Meet-The-Press” series that, the government a total of GH¢ 1.407 billion has been disbursed for maintenance works to include the Pantang hospital road.



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