Tettegu MCE Cuts Sod To Construct Modern Clinic And Apartments For Staff

By Bernard Quanson.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Weija- Gbawe Municipal Assembly, Patrick Kumor, has said that this year, was the first time Tettegu Township is witnessing a boost in developing the town into a modern community, as far as government Projects are concerned.

Speaking at a sod cutting ceremony for a modern Clinic and apartments to be built for the workers of the Health facility at Tettegu in the Weija – Gbawe Municipality in Accra, Mr Kumor, said a lot of projects are in the pipeline to be rolled out next year in line with President Akufo-Addo’s agenda, as captured in Parliament by the Finance Minister in the budget presentation that this year, the government will roll out many projects across the country.

The Sod was cut by the MCE, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, MadamTina Naa Ayeley Mensah, and the Chief of Tettegu ,Nii Kofi Kumah I, and witnessed by Nii Kwei Aplaku I and his elders, as well as invited guests.

The MCE averred that, Tettegu, would not be left out of   this national agenda, Stressing that he and the MP for Weija- Gbawe , will ensure that their share of the national cake will reach them.

The MCE, appealed to the people and elders of Tettegu to foster unity and peace in the community before the numerous development projects, promised them can take place.

He emphasized that president Akufo-Addo and the government, has lot of Projects for the people of Tetegu and the Weija-Gbawe Municipality.

The MCE, said part of the main road to and fro is in a deplorable state and the project to upgrade it has stalled, assuring the residents that, this year the project will be tackled head on and be completed by the contractor in charge of it for all to the benefit especially of residents and motorists in the area.

The MCE further noted that the MP for the area has lobbied and won another contract torehabilitate the inroads of the area next year, stressing that the funds for that purpose is ready.

Mr Kumor, said the Assembly was working hard to make Tettegu a modern community among the communities in Weija – Gbawe area.

He said the people cannot be suffering, whilst the Chiefs and political heads, are happy so he called on  the Chief, elders and people in the area to live together peacefully, so that everybody will be happy to pursue their aspiration.

On her part, Madam Tina Ayeley Mensah, stated that formerly Weija – Gbawe Assembly had three constituencies, but now that they only have one Constituency, so it is easy to embark on development, as their jurisdiction is now sizeable, than it used to be in the past.

She said, they have to thank President Akufo-Addo for listening to them to divide the Area into more Municipalities for smooth administration and duly agreed to their request, stressing that now they have one Municipality and one Constituency.

She said with this, she is now certain that massive developments will come to the area.

The MP continued that at times we say that MPs do not make roads but she emphasized that despite that fact, MPs can lobby for projects from the Ministers and other powers that be, to their areas and that is exactly what she is doing as MP and Deputy Minister of Health for her people.

She said she has been able to lobby for three clinics one for Ngleshie –Amanfro and one for Tettegu then the third one for Wiaboman.

She said very soon she will talk to the Minister of Education to also bring a Government basic school to Tettegu to avoid the knocking down of vehicles of school children who cross Mallam –Kasoa Highway to far away schools from Tettegu.

The MP said it is sad that although Tetegu is an old town theydo not have any government project to boast of so this is the time they will get more projects as their share of the national cake.

She said all that they want is unity and development so that when the developments come her name will also be mentioned with the MCE and the Chiefs, that it is during their time such development projects came to the area.

On his part, the Chief of Tettegu , Nii Kofi Kumah I , noted that , Tettegu town is under Aplaku for a long time but there is no school ,Police Station , Modern Toilets , and stressed  that nothing is in the town to be boast of so he contacted the MP and the MCE and they agreed to support Tettegu in terms of development  and they went ahead to inspect the site for the Clinic and school projects for which sod was cut for clinic for the mean time for others to follow later.

The Tettegu Chief, continued that cars always knock down their school children who cross the main road to their schools so it will be better to get the school in their community early to save lives.

He said they urgently need the Clinic, a Market, aPolice Station, a lorryStation,Roads, and other development projects which are found in all their NgleshieAlata James Town Traditional Areas apart from Tettegu.

He said he informed the Chiefs and elders of his Paramountcy at James Town about this programme and they gave their blessings and wished  success for all the planned projects that will come to the area to better the lots of the people living there.

Speaking to the Media earlier in an interview, Nii Kofi KumahI , called on all the people of Tettegu who during the war in the town in the past left the placeto other areas to come back so that together they will rebuild the town together and live peacefully as peace and calm has returned to Tettegu.

NiiKweiAplaku, chief of Aplaku , in his welcoming address, noted that as the Landlords of Tetegu being Aplaku they are in full support of the development projects that the Government wants to embark  upon  and his people at Tettegu that is why they are present to witness and show solidarity to Nii Kofi Kumah during the sod cutting programme and wish them success .

Pictures…..2nd from left hand side is NiiKweiAplaku , beside him on the right is Nii Kofi Kumah I , TetteguMantse , beside him to the right is also the MP of Weija –Gbawe, Hon Tina NaaAyeleyMensah and to her right is the MCE for Weija- GbaweMunicpality, Hon Patrick Kumahspectakles and in white shirt.




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