Teshie Presiding Member Denies Attempts To Remove MCE



But He Is Accused Of Being Compromised

By; Gifty Arthur

Accusations of “incompetence” and “corruption” against the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Evelyn Naa Adjeley Twum Gyamrah, by Assembly Members at Ledzokuku (Teshie), have been denied by the Presiding Member (PM) of the Assembly, Lenon Derock Laryea.

He, however, added that the plot was hatched by some Assembly Men, who had aspired for the MCE position.

According to the PM, schemes by his colleagues in the media, announcing plans to remove the MCE from office tomorrow, is also “false” and went on to describe their action as one of “bad faith and deceit”.

“First of all, the heading of the story is absolutely false. Nowhere had the Assembly Members accused the Hon. MCE of corruption and incompetence. The Hon. MCE, has a cordial and friendly relationship with all the Assembly Members and she fully cooperates with them in the development of the Assembly”.

There are some challenges confronting the Assembly, just as we have in any other Assembly or institutions, but collectively, we (MCE Assembly Members and Management) are tackling those issues”.

Mr Laryea, who said this in a rejoinder copied to The Herald, said the agenda to remove Mrs. Twum Gyamrah, is the figment of the imagination of a few colleagues, who think they stand a better chance of succeeding her.

“Some of our colleagues had hoped that, they would be appointed the MCE, so ever since His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo appointed Hon. Evelyn Twum-Gyamrah as the MCE, those individuals have not ceased to do everything possible under the sun to get her removed. They have moved and visited all the corridors of power to make sure she’s removed”.

The rejoinder continued “But, His Excellency, the President, being an astute politician and very discerning and full of wisdom had not budged to their diabolic demands. There’s this saying in Akan “s3 aboa bi b3ka woa, naofriwontoma mu”, to writ “The one close to you is the person who will destroy you”.

The Presiding Member, whose name was part of the Members who agreed to append their names and signatures to the list said, the so called list, was put together to get the attention of the MCE, to pay them their allowances which have been in arrears for a long period of time and nothing else.

“Secondly, I would like to put on record that the intention behind we appending our signature was not to demand the removal of the MCE. We have intended to show to the MCE the overwhelming support of Assembly Members, who are demanding payment of our allowances on or before the 14th May, 2019”.

He also said allowance arrears owed the Assemblymen, have been settled after Herald’s publication on Monday.The Presiding Member, also stated that they were paid to the satisfaction of all involved.

“As we write this rejoinder, yesterday, the Municipal Finance Officer (MFO) paid our outstanding Allowances to the satisfaction of Members. The Assembly is calm now and we are happy too”

But the Assemblymen have reacted insisting their claim in The Herald’s Monday May 13, 2019 captioned, “Teshie Assembly Members Plot MCE’s removal over incompetence” is an absolute truth.

They told this paper “We can give you litany of corruption cases” and denied claim that all arrears have been paid. Allowances have been in arrears over the past two years, one told this paper.

They accused the PM of being influenced by the MCE warranting his decision to make a shocking u-turn to the extent of denying a plan they all – 17 members out of 20, hatched together on May 10 to remove the MCE.

Though they admitted that allowance was part of the reasons, they wanted to remove the MCEbecause the Assembly among others was not generating revenue. According to them, the PM per his action, has shown that “he is not serious”.

They argued, the PM’s action is nothing short of “a damage control” gimmick.

According to them, Mr Laryea “Was compromised” the moment they brought their meeting on May 10 to an end.

They alleged that the MCE, “.Awards contracts, without recourse to the General Assembly”.

They were happy that, a lot is ongoing since last Monday’s publication.

One Assembly Member, cited how a compactor belonging to the Assembly, was left at the mercy of the weather for six months broken down and but just when the publication on Monday, the machine which repairs was to cost four thousand,has been moved from Abotsi Anya that same day by the Assembly.

Meanwhile, Herald has gathered that Greater Accra Regional Minister, Ishmael Ashiety, last Friday met with the Assemblymen in his quest to persuade them from removing the MCE tomorrow.


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