Teshie Police Clears Criminal Den


By Gifty Arthur

The Kpehie Divisional Police Command, has demolished, a notable wooden structure at Teshie Ado Mlen, suspected to be the hiding place of some hardened criminals in the popular fishing community in the Greater Accra Region.

The swoop, which was led by the Kpeshie Divisional Police Commander, DSP Simon K Agbodeka, was carried out last week as part of the Kpeshie Division’s programmes to chase out criminal elements operating in the area.

Last Saturday, when “The Herald” visited the demolished area, this reporter noticed that the wood that was used to build the structure, had been cleared leaving behind only the debris.

This reporter, observed that though the structure has been raised down, a middle aged man, whom this reporter spotted standing adjacent to the destroyed structure intermittently signalled some people who paraded the area to get closer. It is suspected that he had something on him that he wanted to sell to the people.

Though none of the suspected criminals were arrested, the Commander noted that the operation excited residents who looked on with joy, whilst his men brought down the wooden structures.

The structure, which has been identified by residents as a safe haven for drug peddlers and criminal activities of all kind, was put up with several exit points, the Commander added that upon spotting the presence of some of the officers who are known in the area, informants run to notify those inside the structure and they took to their heels.

The officers, who stormed the area in a public bus (Trotro) and wore mufti to disguise themselves, found pieces of smoked wee, candles suspected to have been used for the sniffing of cocaine etc.

The structure, which had no name, but was located at a very strategic point in the area, had its occupants robbing unsuspected members of the public, raping of women, snatching of bags. It also served as a meeting place for criminals who met there to plan their nefarious activities.

The Police chief, warned that he would personally storm the area occasionally to ensure that, the place is rid of criminals, while ensuring that the structure is not re-built.

As at the time of the interview, the Police boss noted that the owner of the structure was yet to show up to ascertain, why it was pull down.

Over the years, the Teshie Ado Mlin Bus Stop area and areas around the bush close to the Teshie Cemetery (Songoena), have been identified as places where wee smokers and thieves hide to commit crime, especially in the night.

Both the Tehie and Nungua Police, periodically storm the areas to arrest these criminals, but it seems the more arrests they make, the more the number increases.

But DSP Agbadeka, promises he will smoke out the criminal elements wherever they are located and ensure that the law deals with them.
Meanwhile, information making the round is that the current economic hardship, has affected the operations of wee peddlers.

The Kpeshie Divisional Police Commander confirmed to The Herald.

A small quantity of the substance, which is usually rolled in a paper and sold to users at GH¢1.00 is now going for GH¢2. 00.

Though most of the smokers of the dangerous substance, are usually unemployed, smokers have not been deterred by the price hikes. Some are sometimes said to smoke it on empty stomach, while in some cases it has been established that people rob or steal to buy the substance.

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