Terrorism Making The World Unsafe


The activities of terrorists, is making the world unsafe place to live, there is nowhere to run to and no place to hide.

Not too long ago, the understanding was that, terrorists are more concerned with attacking developed countries, whose foreign policies are inimical to the growth and survival of other less developed nations, based on this, it was easy to hear people saying, one man’s terrorist, is another man’s freedom fighter.

Today, their modus operandi has changed and so no nation is safe. Picking of countries to attack, is no longer based on the aforementioned reason, for as long as it serves their purpose, we are all in danger, no matter where you are.

The situation has rather become dire, because now, every daywe are seeing the mushrooming of these terrorists groups, who are outdoing each other as to who can inflict the most pain.

These groups are without boundaries or borders and so it is very difficult to track and eliminate them. They live with us, play with us, school with us, yet they don’t think like us.

What could possibly motivate someone to take the life of another human being is something psychologists and scientists, must research into, that we believe is the only way to arrest this menace.

Their end game is to strike terror into our hearts and minds and cow us into subjugation. We are stronger together than them.

Last week it was our neighbors, Ivory Coast, on Monday, it was Brussels, Nigeria, have had fair share of BokoHarrambarbaric activities, Kenya, Burkina Faso etc, have all been victims of these faceless enemies.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to all the countries, whichhave tasted the activities of these hoodlums, who are not fit to stay among sane people.

Ghana needs to tighten its borders, as well as educate the citizenry on what to look out for to identify a terrorist. The security services must be on high alert and be battle ready to crash any group of individuals, who will want to inflict mayhem on us.

To the Belgians, who are grieving and counting their loss, we share your pain, it is our hope and prayer that, the perpetrators of this heinous crime, will not go unpunished. The world is better and safer without them.

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