Terkper Must Speak The Language Of The People


They are calls from many quarters and various groups, especially members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the President, John Dramani Mahama, to sack his Finance Minister, Seth Terkper, for what they termed, his incompetence in the management of the economy.

The announcement of Seth Terkper as Finance Minister was received with so much anticipation and overwhelming endorsement from people of all walks of life.

He was seen as the Messiah to turn the dwindling economy around, and restore the economy to a glorious path, but unfortunately, two years down the line the story is different, things has actually gone from bad to worse.

Although, he is the Government exchequer, it does not mean, the problem should be put entirely at his doorstep. What he has done and continues to do in terms of engagement would indicate the extent at which he is going to get us out of the present predicament.

A purposeful leadership is one that takes the people along. But what is happening with our Finance Minister is that he and the people of this country are moving in parallel lines. They are no point of convergence.

Perhaps, the measures he is implementing now will bear fruit in five or ten year’s time. The anger of the people, could also be justified because, you do not ask the people to drink water and wait for a long time, when they do not understand what is it that you are doing to ensure that after the wait and patience, things will be okay.

Big English and economic jargons do not make sense to the ordinary people, for as long as it does not reflect in their pockets and living standards.

Ghanaians are a patient group of people, after all we endure the eight excruciating years of the New Patriotic Party Government led by John Agyekum Kufuor, so what we are going through is not new.

Seth Terkper, needs to speak our language, he needs to hang his International Monetary Fund (IMF) hat. As for his dismissal or continuous stay in office, that is the prerogative of the President and we will not dictate to the President. If he (President) thinks that Seth Terkper is working according to his game plan, although Ghanaians think otherwise, then he should keep him, but if he is not, time is of the essence and he does not have it.

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