Tension Mounts At Atwima Kwanwoma


…..Youth Crash Queen Mother Over Public Toilet

Aggrieved youth of Kromoase, a community located within Atwima-Kwanwoma District in the Ashanti region, are warming up to stage a violent protest against the queen mother for the area, Nana Abena Agyaa-Tia Butuoh, and her husband, Kwame Anane, over the closure of a public toilet serving inhabitants of the area.

The public lavatory, which is the only existing public place of convenience for residents in the community according the youth, has for over three weeks now, been closed down by the queen mother and her husband, Kwame Anane, without any tangible reason, compelling residents to defecate in surrounding bushes and cemetery.

In an exclusive dialogue with the Spokesperson for the concern youth, James Kofi Karikari, a former assembly man for the area, disclosed that the husband of the queen, Kwame Anane, who is not a native or a resident of the community, but hails from Asuonimpong at Ejisu Juaben Municipality and resides at Aburaso, is currently parading himself as the traditional lord and is shockingly claiming ownership over the public toilet in question, which has warranted his in-actions.

Kofi Karikari, noted that Mr. Kwame Anane, whenever he is confronted by the aggrieved youth over the reason for his action, he flimsily says that the lavatory was full and therefore had to be closed down, to which the youth disagrees.

Because to the residents, the daily sales of GH 100 collected from operators of the facility by Mr. Kwame Anane and the Queen mother as daily proceeds is enough to address that matter.

James Kofi Karikari, made a disclosure that on March 23,2016, Mr. Kwame Anane, made a foul statement on Solid Fm, a Kumasi based radio station that the youth of Kromoase community are useless, and have nothing to do with their lives and have also put up corrupt behavior which has been the reason for the closure of the facility.

He further dared the youth to take the matter anywhere they like, and will not be bothered and that they the youth, can even defecate in the air, if they want to.

According to a strong worded letter issued by the youth to the queen mother, Nana Abena Agyaa-Tia Butuoh, dated March 25, 2016, the concern youth are requesting the latter to compel her husband to retract the statement or will face their wrath.

An unedited portion of the letter reads;”we are writing this letter in peace, just tell your husband to go to the same radio station and apologize for what he said and also show us where the public toilet is in the air as he said we should ease ourselves in the air. Moreover, he should tell us the number of jobs he has created and the number of Kromoase Youth he attempt to employ. If he fails to do all the above… you won’t see us well”.

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