Tempane NDC: Chairman Weeps Over No Vehicle Syndrome.


Local executives of the opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC], in the ‘neonate’ Tempane constituency of the Upper East region, might be compelled to foot through ‘Ghana’s hard to cope Sahara desert’ unfriendly, scorching and unbearable sunny, dry weather to campaign in the upcoming 2020 elections as a result of  non-availability of party vehicle as well as vital essential resources.

A visibly worried constituency chairman of the party, Mr Prince AtanI ddrisu, told The Herald newspaper’s Upper East regional correspondent in an exclusive interview that top hierarchy of the party and all those who matter in the party should come to their aid.

He indicated that  Constituency executives and party elders have successfully  diagnosed the causative organism that caused the party’s parliamentary defeat in the 2016 elections as well as  its antidote, are have thus poised to reclaim the seat currently occupied by the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Dindiok Kpemka, who doubles as a deputy Attorney General.

Mr iddrisu noted that all was set for the NDC to defeat the NPP’S incumbent member of Parliament, but was quick to bemoaned over the unavailability of a party vehicle, as well as basic logistics as a major setback.

“My brother, we were sadly defeated in the 2016 general election. It was such a painful one.  Across the country, we most of our seats and Tempane equally had it share.

But afterwards, we went back to the drawing board as executives and elders of our party and I can authoritatively tell you that we are able to trace the cause of our defeat and now we are claiming our seat back.

This seat is not for the New patriotic Party. Some minor issues caused our defeat and now that we have identified them and worked on them, we are reclaiming our seat, but our biggest challenge IS VEHICLE.”

The constituency chairman who sobbed intermittently throughout the interview over the no vehicle syndrome, passionately appealed to all those who have the NDC at heart to help in the reclamation of the seat by helping them with a vehicle to able them wagged a strong campaign.

He chastised the NPP for inflicting pain and hardship in the country and called on Ghanaians to reject the Nana Addo, Bwumia mafia government.

“In 2016, we lost the election to sugar-coated lies. The lies were too much. Ghanaians have now seen the truth and so everyone is yearning for the comeback of John Mahama and the NDC.

The law of Karma have caught up with the NPP. Ghanaians have seen the difference. Each and every day comes with a corruption scandal, excavators have develop wings overnight and flew away at the blind sight of the cameras of the over bloated imported Nana Addo, Bawumia drones. The country is badly managed.”

The Tempane NDC is currently in a rented office. This many say affects party activities.

The Tempane NDC, late last year lost its elected parliamentary candidate, Mr. David Adakudugu. Reports suggest that he died at a private health facility in the northern region town of Tamale after a short illness. Mr Adakudugu served as a district chief executive for the then Garu-Tempane district under the presidency of John Mills. He won the 2012 parliamentary electionsand became the first Member of Parliament for the newly created Tempane constituency on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress. He however lost the 2016 parliamentary polls to the NPP. Mr. Iddrisu, who described the late MP as a fine and experience politician said his demise is a big blow not only to the family and the party, but the nation at large.

The party have set February 28th 2020, to hold parliamentary primaries following the passing on of the elected parliamentary candidate.

Ahead of the primary, Mr Iddrisu called on contenders and supports alike to campaign devoid of insults and character assassination. He assured that measures will be put in place for a free and fair election.

In the run up to the 2016 elections, one Dr. Adams Asana, a respected medical doctor, An Opinion leader and a staunch member of the umbrella party, broke ranks with party executives and went solo. His decision, many believed affected the fortunes of the late NDC Parliamentary candidate, David Adakuduga, known in political circles as Akisko.

Mr Asaana was subsequently expelled from the party by the National executive committee, in accordance with the part’s regulations.



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