The Tema Motorway Deserves Better


Authorities have responded to the pleas of Ghanaians by filling the pot holes on the Tema-Accra side of the Motorway.

This is a laudable and commendable gesture on the part of Authorities, but unfortunately, the ongoing work is not what Ghanaians and users of the Motorway expect of the powers that be.

How do you put bitumen on concrete? It won’t last long considering the number of cars that ply that road every day.

The Motorway was built to stand the test of time, but with the passage of time, it gave way to the vagaries of the weather and usage, and so it had become imperative that it is given a facelift, that we have failed to do obviously because of lack of funds, as the out-going Roads and
Highways Minister, had made us aware, but if you want to fix something that was done more than fifty years ago, do use bitumen?.

The proponents of the road, who had the foresight, used concrete so that the road could last long, this, happened without the benefit of technology and the number of cars in the country was not that many.

Today, we have the benefit of technology and the number of cars plying the Motorway on a daily basis runs into hundreds, if not thousand, so if you want to fix the road, you should also be thinking of doing something that could last another fifty years.

We are a capable people and we should start thinking and behaving as such. If the Authorities think they do not have the money to fix it, they should have left it as it was, so that as and when we get enough money, we could do the road once and for all.

It is money that we do not have that are being wasted to fix the road that we all know will not last, that money could have been put to a better use elsewhere, as it is now we can safely say the money is being wasted.

For how long can we keep behaving as if we do not care?

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