Tema Fisher Folks Angry At Fisheries Minister


By Francis Mensah Edzorna

The fishermen at the Tema Fishing Landing Beach, are angry with the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Nayon Bilijo for allegedly claiming that with the exception of fish caught from the James Town landing beach in Accra, all others are contaminated with chemicals and as such, not good for consumption.

The minister’s comment came following a recent test by the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA), samples of fish along the fishing communities, from Half Assin to Afloa, found the fish, except those from James Town to contain harmful chemicals, which the fishermen use.

However, the Minister’s public pronouncement over the GSA findings, did not go down well with the fishermen at Tema, the largest fishing community in the country.

In an exclusive interview with The Herald, the Chief Fisherman of Tema, Nii Adzieteh Matoh III said, the minister’s comment was in a very bad taste , intended to collapse the fishing industry.

According to Nii Adzieteh , no chemical is being used for fishing within his jurisdiction.

He said, the minister’s comment is currently impacting negatively on business, particularly on the buying and selling of the fish in the market.
The chief fisherman is demanding public apology and the withdrawal of the statement from the minister to restore confidence in their customers.

In a related development, the Chief fisherman for Awudum, Nii Odametey II, is also calling on the government for more supply of the premix fuel to meet the demand of the canoes at the beach.

According to him, the number of canoes operating at the beach continue to increase daily, because canoes from different part of the coast coming for the pamper season, putting so much pressure on the fuel supply.

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