Tema-Based Indian Company Asks Workers To Sleep In Canteen


 As Part Of Coronavirus Measures…..

Workers in an Indian Aluminum company in the Tema Free Zones enclave, are agitating over management’s directive to them to stay in the company and work, contrary to the usual practice of workers commuting from home and coming to work on a daily basis.

The new directive by the management of Success Aluminum Company, according to information available to The Herald, is to be sustained until the deadly coronavirus pandemic is curtailed, but the workers are opposing the directive insisting that, the condition at the company, does not permit or will not make their stay there conducive.

The workers are thus, sending out an SOS message to the Ghanaian authorities, especially the Minister of Employment and Labour, Ignatius Baffour Awuah, to come to their aid, since efforts to get the Labour Union to help them, have failed.

According to one male worker, who spoke to this newspaper on condition of anonymity, the company has made no proper arrangement for the directive.

“No increment of pay, we work 12 hours from 7am to 7pm, with no overtime allowance. This is not done in any part of Tema. We went to the Labour Union, but they came and nothing fruitful came out”, he said.

He lamented they have been asked to sleep at the company’s canteen without providing even a mattress. Before their stay, the company asked the about two hundred workers to come with their own mattresses from home, a situation they described as unheard of.

“That is our main worry. You want us to come and work for you but you are not making any provision for us. That is what we do not understand. We brought our own mattresses.Please help us because the way things are going, we are not happy at all”, he said.

He further added “When we complained, they asked us to go home and wait till the pandemic is over”. They are worried their health could be compromised as there is arrangement to cater for their needs while living outside of home from family and friends”.

It was disclosed that the company since its establishment, has had accommodation only for the Indians and so there is no such place for workers to lay their heads.

“When the company was built, they did not make provision for eventualities like this. We started sleeping here on Monday and the about 200 workers are either sleeping at the canteen as directed by the company or anywhere in the company”, the worker said.

The Herald gathered that, it is the first time the workers are being asked to stay on the premises of the company without going home.

On social distancing,the anonymous worker, indicated it is being adhered to,  but it is challenging being asked to stay inside the company day and night until such a time the management themselves cannot tell.

They have begun agitating, but they are at the same time calling on management to rescind its decision to bring peace to the company.

However, the company this paper is told, is adamant and has asked that, those who are uncomfortable can leave the company.

They are, however, unable to quit because of the unemployment situation in the country.

He went on telling this reporter “Whenever there is an issue and you tell them [Indians], they only tell you they have heard you, but they do nothing about it.

According to him, their situation has compounded more, especially because they have no union to speak for them.

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