Tamale Goes Wild Over Arrest Of Gay Men


A young man in his early thirties was nearly lynched in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital when he was caught in the act with his gay partner in the wee hours of Tuesday May 21, 2014.

Sources briefing the media said the gentleman; named Kamal Innusah was nearly lynched when the wife of his gay partner caught them in the act.

Sources say the wife upon seeing the two in the act,raised an alarm for neighbours to come clutching cudgels only to realized that one of the men in the act was a respectable member of the society and other a total stranger who was believed to be a Ghanaian international student in Canada.

Family members, who are adherers of strict Islamic principles, had to let the gay love birds flee the area for fear being lynched after realizing that a royal was involved.

Sources say the act was punishable by death if it had not been the sake of the royal also caught in the act.

The source added that Mr. Kamal came to the region to visit his old school mate who he had enjoyed such preferences within their days at the University of Ghana.

The gay partner of Mr Kamal only named as Sanji (other names withheld),a bisexual is married with two children happens to come from one of the royal gates of the Tamale area, is also on the run for fear of being excommunicated from the royal clan for being gay.

The source added that whereas Mr Sanji was shielded by his clans men Mr Kamal Innusah came under severe beatings until a group of men who felt a taboo has been committed against their sensibilities by one of their own and a stranger, transported him (Kamal) to a neighbouring village to escape to Accra, the national capital.

According to sources, Mr Sanji has also deserted his family for fear of being ridiculed as a royal bisexual.

Residents of the area says since the news broke have expressed shock at the sexual preferences of the royal pondering on some of the allegations leveled against him by some young men that he had been fondling them.

All attempts to get the said gay men who had been hiding in Accra have proof futile as calls to their phones remain unanswered.

But security officials believed Mr Kamal out of fear, might have flew out of the country stating that all trace to Mr Kamal’s apartments in Accra remain yielded no results.

According to the tenants, the gentleman had not checked inn since he left for the Northern regional capital last Friday May 16, 2014.

When the tenants searched the room they found a picture of him in his room lying on the floor

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