SWESCO Embarks On Major Projects – P.T.A.


Story by: Emmanuel Amoquandoh (Agona Swedru)

The Headmistress of Swedru Senior High School (SWESCO), Mrs. Agnes Leticia Hawkson, has drawn the attention of parents and teachers at the recent Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) meeting on some projects and issues of which they need to take note of.

She said the health of their wards should be a major concern to them. She emphasized that parents needed to ensure that their wards had their National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card with them in school.

She explained that it would enable the school to have the students treated at the Agona Swedru Municipal Hospital especially, when a student needed to be taken to the hospital.

The Headmistress, Mrs. Agnes Leticia Hawkson, continued that this would stop the frequent request for exeat by students in the name of going home for medical treatment and also prevent the students, especially from moving around arbitrarily.

She told all gathered at the PTA meeting that the school is not in the position to purchase an NHIS Card for students. However, the school would ensure that the order for every student to have an NHIS Card would be complied with and for that reason an inspection would be conducted to make sure that the requirements are met.

Speaking on Disciplinary issues, the headmistress told the house that the school would do their very best to ensure that students put up good behavior. She however entreated parents to sit their wards down and advise them to desist from any act of indiscipline which would attract some unpleasant disciplinary actions.

The headmistress said, after several attempt, the school Cadet has been finally inaugurated by the 64 Infantry Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF). She entreated the parents to support the Cadet to keep it alive.

The PTA Chairman, Mr. Osei Acheampong briefed parents and teachers that the school in collaboration with the PTA has embarked on some major projects, as well as, the rehabilitation of some dormant projects in the school.

First among the list he talked about was the walling project around the school. He explained that the environs of the school have recently been developing and as a result, people have been encroaching on the school land.

In order to save the rest of the land, he said, the school has made contract with the Regional Survey Department and through that the school land has been re – demarcated and this has enabled them to embarked on building a wall around the school to prevent people from further getting access to the school land as well as stopping people from using the school as a route from their houses to the town.

Mr. Acheampong said, the fund for the walling projects is drawn from the Internally Generated Fund (IGF). He said a levy would be issued later and be made known to parents at a later time to help complete the walling project.

He continued by saying that they have also purchased a Generating Plant amounting to 120,000 Ghana Cedis. This he said would help to improve on the lighting and security in the school especially during power outages.

Mr. Acheampong told the gathering that they have begun the extension of the school’s Dinning Hall and said it was necessary to prevent the shift system during the time of dinning.

He said the shift system wasted a lot of time and obstructed the time table. He gave the amount of the project extension as 150,000 Ghana Cedis. He again made mention of the rehabilitation of the school’s Assembly Hall which has been abandoned for the past 35 years.

The headmistress, Mrs. Agnes Leticia Hawkson told the parents that they should advise their children to study hard and stop putting their hope on leaked examination question popularly known to be “Appor”.

She also advice the parents to encourage their ward to do better in their subsequent examinations especially when they do not perform well.

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